Is there anything wrong with not dreaming? (new title)

Hi, I’m new. My name is Vanessa but people call me Vane. I also need a big question answered. Is there anything wrong with not dreaming? I haven’t dreamt in a very LONG time and I was just wondering if anything is wrong. Please, someone answer. Thanks!

its most likly you just don’t remember them (like me most of the time)

kenshin is right. Everyone dreams, whether you remember them the next day or not. In order to actually recall anything you pretty much have to be thinking about it the moment you wake up. Dream Journals are a great way to get into this habbit, since they force you to think about your dreams before you even get up in the morning.

people will usually only remember dreams only if they wake up during REM sleep. People who “never dream” are more likely waking up during other stages of sleep such as deep sleep.

I know exactly how you feel, and my first advice would be to start a dream journal…However, I realize that would be dificult since you can’t remember any dreams at all. My advice is this then, every time you wake up in the night, don’t move, but try really hard to remember your dream, usually you’ll only start out with a mood or feeling, but keep thinking, and the dream will slowly unroll…backwards. Believe it or not, your dream recall will progress.

i just tried that method and it sorta worked (only rememberd half last dream) and it must of been a real funny dream cause i was for somereason in a chocolate factory and there was this clown there too :eh:

Thanks you guys! I will try those methods at night. Thank you to all who replied! :grin:

one thing i can say for sure you DO dream.

If you weren’t dreaming then you would have symtoms such as;

Lack of concentration,
Agression/angry outbursts
Inability to think rationally

:bored: and long term lack of dreams would send you whacko and in extreme circumstances could lead to death. Try staying awake for 3days with no sleep, the symptoms would be very similar.

we all dream maybe not every night, but usually 5 days out of 7.

try telling yourself before you goto sleep that you will remember your dreams in the morning. There are several dream recalling tips on the site.

good luck

I know several ppl that cant remember dreams still science has proven we all do dream…
One important thing is how well your thalamus integrates the subconsciousness and the consciousness in your sleep and rem sleep…
We are all not neurological a like, and we all will not have the same talent for lucid dreaming and remembering dreams for that reason…


well i guess the things this site have on them have helped too since i told my self to remember my dream this morning when i woke up and it did (strangly enough i have a felling it was 2 dreams i rememberd but im ingnoring the possible 2nd one for a chance it was part of the first one i rememberd which was the last dream i had lastnight) bad part was i woke up at 6 am for somereason(i usually sleep in to 11 am/12 pm)

and i’m starting a dream diary again too so hopefully i will have more luck this time then the last(looks angrilly in his fathers direction :grrr: )

Great to hear! :smile:

Good luck!


A little trick that has helped me (I had really bad dream recall - but now can remember in detail sometimes 5-6/night) is to put little notes throughout my apartment and especially the bedroom. They say things like “dreams are important” or “i will remember my dreams” or “i will become lucid tonight.” It’s good to think these thoughts throughout the day, but just having the notes up, they are constantly sending these positive messages to the subconscious, even if I don’t stop to notice them. Every time I enter a room, one of these notes is in my visual field. I don’t usually notice them, but the subconscious processes everything. This little trick has had some great results. Good luck!!

:…strangly enough i have a felling it was 2 dreams i rememberd but im ingnoring the possible 2nd one for a chance it was part of the first one i rememberd which was the last dream i had lastnight)"

That is a most complicated sentence in english i have ever seen:)Since this mad chuck chuck thingo:)

I finally dreamed (sp?)!!! :content: :cheesy: I dreamt (sp?) that there was a tornado outside that was near my home and my cats were outside which I love soooo much. Anyway, I broke down crying and ran outside and put all my five cats inside my house. Then I was locked out of my home and then I saw nothing but pitch black. I then saw a huge tornado and I was sucked in. After the tornado disappeared, nothing was destroyed but I was dead. Then I woke up. That dream freaked me out. :bored: Thank you all for your comments. Thanks! :content:

Sorry the first good dream you remembered had to be such a scary one for you. I am sure you will have much better dreams than that, just keep doing what you are doing because it sounds like you recalled that one pretty well. Good Luck :shy:

I know how you feel! before I kept a dream journal (a must) I never remembered any dreams, maybe one a mounth if I was lucky.
Now that I keep one I sometimes remember 3 dreams a nite!
It’s important that you get enough sleep, if you get to little you probobly won’t even enter REM sleep, hence no dreams.
Also, when you wake up, DON’T MOVE! try and stay in the possition you wake up in and try to remember your dreams. It’s important to write them down as soon as you wake up, it’s like holding sand in your hands, try and hold it for to long and it will all be gone! hope this helps in some way.