Is there such a thing as this?

Fear drives our every action in RL, so does it in lucid dreams?
What im wondering is if there is such a thing as Nightmare Induced Lucid Dreams, like when you realize your having a nightmare, and that its a dream and you cant be hurt, so you turn to face your fears and become lucid.

Nightmare Induced Lucid Dreams … it’s the way that a lot of children first become lucid :content:

i see, i think i have done this in my dreams as a little kid before, but not so that i could completly control the dream i was in, just so that i wasnt scared anymore. But now that i have read many more things about lucid dreaming, next time i have a nightmare and im free from it, ill try and spin around or change location, not that im hoping i have a nightmare. :wink:

Yes. This actually happens quite often. In addition to the way you stated, heres another thing about nightmares and lucidity.

In many nightmares that I have, at some point I end up screaming or crying out. When I attempt to, I never have a voice or its way to quiet to be audible by anyone else. That is when I realize I am dreaming and wake up.(Im not very good at maintaing lucidity yet :neutral:)

Being unable to scream in dreams is a very common dreamtheme. It can help you become lucid in your nightmares.

(P.S. NILD… sounds funny.)

hrmm, i see, and i have experienced this myself. :wink:
and it does sound sorta funny. :woo:

I don’t think fear drives our every move in RL. I believe that are many things that drive such as love and personal goals. Yes fear is one but it is not the main or the only one.