Is this a dream or some sort of pre dream

During an afternoon WILD attempt nap i came across this = I was out on my balcony, it is normally slanted but this time it was straight facing the road. It was more outside too. It was dark and kind of gloomy and rainy, everything was a little bit cold and i could feel the railing on my hand. I hear this really load noise and a 3 wheeler comes by, but stuff starts to fall out of it. At first it was just CPU fans. I take a look at the 3 wheeler again but now its not a 3wheeler anymore. Its a kind of bus with a transparent top allowing me see what was inside. I saw mini fans in plastic bags. He’s dropping those stuff outside. So i tell to him to pick it up but there is this really loud noise which shields out my voice (not the sound of rain but like the sound you get when people repairing a road, which is ironic because our road is being made in real life and i can hear the noise). I think he heard me because he put his head out and waved. Suddenly my mother is also near me yelling at the guy. He continues on his way, but soon returns and his wheel hits one of his fallen goods and pops it open. I look at the road and this time all the fans have turned into pens and pencils and various other stationary(saw the different colors of the pens). He is in the rain picking it up so my mum tells our security guard to help him. I start to walk back into the house but i see this dragon fly which comes really close to me and i can see its face which is unbelievably clear. It scares me and i wake up.
Is this a dream?? Because i was only slept for like 30minutes, all this time i thought it was kind of a pre dream(i get one like after every failed WILD attempt, and i wake up for some reason just like this one [dam if i knew they were dreams my DJ will be full]) but today it got me thinking that maybe this was the dream and i just fell asleep.
If it was a dream then i need to focus of staying aware right? I don’t remember seeing any HI or HS before the dream, everything is just a blank.
Thank you for any sort of help in advance!! I mean it :happy:
Other info : Age 16
Had 3 LDs before but practice WILD like every day
Went to sleep with a small headache but woke up with a big one
Note : Sorry for the long post just wanted to provide as much info as possible

to me it sounds as if it was a dream :happy: sometimes ive noticed dreams can be very fast in RL time but slow in the dream-- for example in RL my dad said he would wake me up in 2 mins (and he did) and in that time i fell asleep in about 15 secs and had what felt like a 5-10min dream. i was also wondering — were u lucid in the dream?

this was surely a dream. but did you understand that this is not reality? if you did, you succeeded at WILD. if you didn’t, you just fell asleep :smile:

my first real WILD was also kind of like that. i went to take a nap, then there was blackness, and the next thing i see i am walking on the street. but then i start feeling my steps and i realize this isn’t HI anymore, it’s a dream :smile:

Sadly i wasn’t lucid i feel asleep, finally an answers thank you guys, both of you were great help