Is this a good sign?

i was wondering about in the morning how many times you wake up and fall asleep.
because this morning i woke up from a really insane ND, then i went to sleep again and something weird happened…i dreamt that i was telling someone about the dream i just had before i woke up the first time, like my SC was still very connected to that dream. and it would make sense because i remembered it vividly and even drew a map of the dream environment. then i woke up and fell asleep again and dreamt, but it was more forgettable. i now know to intend to remember the second time no matter what. (where i was in the second dream was in a car about a block away from were the first dream ended, and i was driving up the road i had pointed to at the very end of the previous dream, as i told my friend about it in the car.)

so how many times have you waken up and fell back into a dream again? does it cause weird things like this to happen?

We do normally wake up multiple times during nighttime, and these events are called microawakenings. Now, being aware of them is completely another thing for most :tongue: but like we’re doing here, one can learn to set his/her intention to completely wake up during those. I used to wake up 3+ times a night to write down my dreams, so it’s entirely possible to use them and remember any dream (meaning even a complete hour) you woke up from, and even something more (if you’re really confident :wink:)