Is this a good way to get started on lucid dreaming?

Hmm, that note describes a WILD, and Im not sure if it is the best method for a first-timer, but some people can handle it. If WILD works for you, then thats a good way to get an LD.

One thing I disagree with the note though is that if you enter a dream lucid, its not that the mind tries to wake you up (the mind wakes you up from LD’s due to your excitment, not the lucidity itself), you can train your mind to make you remain in the LD :wink:

And btw, :welcome: to the forum :biggrin:

Oh, ok, thanks! I’m going to try this tonight, if I have no luck, I’ll try other methods. :smile:

although I have heard that to use WILD, you should go through a REM Cycle first, is that really important for the WILD technique?

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:yes: at least it is easier this way :wink: but it is possible to do it at evening too, although harder :tongue:

You should probably try less extreme techniques first, like MILD or possibly WBTB.
WILD can feel pretty uneasy since you will probably experience sleep paralysis AND actually remain mentally awake the whole time; but if you feel ready and comfortable with it then it’s probably just as good as the legendary WBTB technique, if not even better.

Anyway, don’t become too focused on just the techniques.
Think of techniques as a grammar guide when learning a new language - a grammar guide doesn’t make you fluent just like that (it’s your job to read and speak the language), same with LD techs; they are just there to help you when you already do the main task yourself.

This thing seems oddly specific. It’s important to remember that nothing is guaranteed, especially because everybody’s brain works differently. If it takes you a long time to fall asleep, this is probably not the best way to start (I can’t do WILD because it takes me at least an hour to get to sleep, and I can’t fall asleep on my back like it says here). The RCs mentioned aren’t foolproof either - it is possible to turn on lights and see your reflection, you just might not.

Go ahead and try it though - It’s certainly a legitimate technique that works for a lot of people. One thing about the spinning, though, is that while it does bring your lucidity up nicely, it can also cause a complete scene-change, so if you try it while you’re doing something you might stop to find yourself somewhere else entirely.

As a beginer I sugest you try some software.
For example. They give you an introduction to all the main techniques and then you can find out how to do them properley and which ones work for you. But also remember its not all about the techniques, you need to belive. I want you now to sit there and say out loud, I will have a lucid dream tonight, and belive it. You will have a lucid dream, don’t even question it because if you belive it you will haved a lucid dream.

okay, so I tried it last night, I think I was in full sleep paralysis, because I felt numb and couldn’t move at all, even if I tried, but after that I was just waiting and counting, 1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming…and nothing else would happen, I didn’t get the HI though, so I’m kinda lost with this.

Don’t get too worried if you don’t see any HI, some people don’t. When you get to SP, one trick that works well is too completely calm down, and then imagine yourself getting sucked down into your bed or up and out of your real body. Also, you could stop counting and start picturing the dream setting you want to be in, i.e. switching over to VILD.

I have never had hi of hh I just get slight waves in my body and a slight feeling of falling. However it isn’t sleep paralisis because I can still move and it isn’t lieing still for to long because I know that feeling and it is different.
I once tried vild and it started to work very easily. I woke up in the night tried vild and I imediatly could see anything I imagined like a video. However I fell asleep before going any further.