Is this a problem?

Ive been recording my dreams for a little bit now, and I’m kinda worried. When I woke up yesterday I couldnt remember anything. Does this mean that it’ll take longer to become lucid? Is it ok to not remeber any dreams on just a couple days? I’m worried because it feels like I shoulda rememberde the dreams. And this morning I remembered two dreams but, they were only small peices. Am I still on the right track to LD?

I dont think youl lose any Ld ness.And remember not to concentrate too hard on remembering the dream in the morning. And try making a printed out word list of lots of common words then looking at them and seing if any of the words like make you remember part of your dream like if i read the word car then remember that a couch got run over by a car etc.

ok i’ll try. The I remembered a little more during the day which lowered the boreness in school a bit. Have you ever played Ghost Recon games? My dream was about that, sadly all but me and one a the specialists survived out of six marines. But, the weird thing is, I woke up then dreamt a different dream that was similar on Ghost Recon but was about a minute long, cause i woke up from it right away. Then, I fell asleep again and had the same dream as the first. It started where I left off but everyone was alive and well again, I’m not sure but I think we won. Now that I remember more, I mighta been lucid, but I really doubt it, I was going along with the dream too well. If i was conscience I would been freakin out that I’d die. It was pretty fun looking back that I was an actual soldier in the game instead a playin it. If I ever get full control, thats gonna be one of my top dream choices.

:eek: gasp so…much…typing gasp :eek:

No I think its just normal
Once I could not remember a dream it happens :uh: around every month. Also I read that everyone has does Dry periods where you cant remember a dream. :nerd_face:

Don’t worry. It may happen that we don’t remember dreams during some days.

Well you remembered the ghost recon dream. :smile: thats good.And very often now (almost every night) i have at leat 3 dreams that i remember in th morning.(but i diddnt fall asleep 3 times at night.

Good idea. You might want to look at “Wiktionary:Frequency lists/PG/2006/04/1-10000” at Wiktionary: the stuff at the very top is rather meaningless, but the stuff just below is pretty good.

Yes you are [on the right track], your dream recall isn’t going to be the same every day. Once, have reached a point where you typically remember one vivid dream a night you will have no difficulty recalling lucid dreams.