Is this a technique (HILD)?

Sorry if a technique with the acronym HILD already exists, I’m posting this from my tablet and can’t mouse over the acronyms.

So anyway, I had an idea of a DILD induction technique. I called it Human Induced Lucid Dream. Basically, what you would do is go into the REM stage of sleep, preferably this would be the last stages when you are easily awakened by outside noises.

I was thinking that someone else, possible your partner or a sibling, could sort of whisper to you in real life and say something like ‘You’re dreaming’ and it would make you lucid.

Obviously, if you are that receptive to outside noises, you might be woken up from your dream, but it is just an idea. If this already exists, could you please give me a bit of information on how it works?

Thank you :smile:

Ok, lets start responding:

If you studied the problem and devised a process or learned a skill to solve it, then yes.
Since you seem to have done that, then for sure it’s a technique.

Yes, this acronym already exists. There were 2 techniques here with that name and one of them has changed name to avoid this clash.
We call Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dream as HILD. Finger Induced Lucid Dream was previously called HILD too because of it’s creator, Hargart.

I don’t see this as a DILD actually, but it seems we lack proper definition of what’re DILD and WILD dream types.

Traditionally there are only 2 LD types, DILD and WILD (not talking about the techniques to achieve them). (and yes, this is confusing and I tried convincing people to append a T when talking about a technique but the change resistance is too high)

I consider DILD a dream that starts naturally then turns into an LD. It can become an LD from the beginning or during the ND.

I consider WILD when the technique is carried since being awake, and yours seems a bit closer to it, and is also similar to DEILD timer technique.

In DEILD timer technique, we use an alarm, it could be a recorder that plays a sound in a specific time. Most cellphones can do it nowadays. You could record a reminder without needing another human.

Nowadays there’s also the Lucid Dream App for mobiles, which uses accelerometer to detect when you reach REM stage and plays reminders for you.

If you are skilled enough, you could DEILD back into a dream.

Thank you for clarifying. This could be a nice technique, but I lack the items needed (a girlfriend) to try this with. I didn’t notice the similarities between this and DEILD, but I suppose this could be a variant of DEILD if someone finds it easier.