Is this all normal to be happening??

Hi all… :smile:

I will explain a little background first, before I get on to how I ended up here. Hopefully some of you could shed some light on a few questions I have… Thank you in advance…

Well I am now 33, edging towards 34 and I have been very much into my dreams ever since I can remember, I don’t know how many people I have bored with my dream stories over my life time… lol
and I have been one of these people who has so wanted to keep a dream diary… many times I have started only to fail within days, but it was something I was always going to do… Someday…

And now that someday has come for me, and for nearly a week now I have my first dream diary in progress…
What happened was just over a week ago I went to bed as normal, and I went through this unbelievable dream were I felt as if I was controlling it, it was just to real to understand and the first time I had such a dream… anyway first thing I was on the internet trying to search what I had went through that night… All I kept stumbling across was lucid dream websites… I must have only spent 3 hours of searching… and to be honest I didn’t believe that what I went through was true that I had a lucid dream… but I still found all what I had read totally fascinating… I didn’t even know what a lucid dream was until then…

For the next two days I thought about it alot, but didn’t do much more research… But then 3 nights after my first lucid dream, I then had an LD for the 2nd time, and this was such an unbelievable experience…Never before have I had such a long and vivid dream were I was able to control it and do things as and how I wanted to do them… "I remember being so excited within my dream that all I did during the dream was to explore and find out as much information as I could, I even had a dream within that dream of which I found very odd… Anyway the next morning I started my dream diary, and it took quite a few hours to get down all the information that I saw and done during that LD.
Since then I have had another 3 lucid dreams and each one has become even more weirder and vivid than the last. And so everytime I wake up I just have to write down all this information. But so far my LD have been all about me finding out information so I could write it all down later. Obviously with every spare moment I have I am reading websites gaining even more information for my LD. But not only that I am also having plenty of normal dreams, but these dreams have become well lets say so detailed that this morning I spent over 4 hours writing out my dream and yet that was only with points… And that dream only lasted 1 and half hours… Its as if now everytime I hit the pillow I am either in LD or I have the most vivid normal dream that one can imagine…
So I abit confused to say the least.

really trying to keep this as short as I can…

anyway some questions I hope I can get some help with…

  1. My dreams on average last about 1 and half hours, I have about 4 a night, each time I wake up I write down as much information as possible, even if I keep it short on average I spend 2 hours after each dream writing down facts… My question is, this can’t be normal can it? I mean this last week all I have done is dream and write dreams… my normal life has disappeared, and yet I know that after every night, my dreams are becoming longer and more detailed. even now after 16 hours I still have my last dream fully detailed in my head, still so much more to write down about it… but I am just lost for time… what should I do?

  2. I have done alot of research and read up on so many techniques, I even tried WILD the other night, and was so close to it as well. but that did last seconds. Which techniques should I really try as there are just so many, its getting ever so confusing?

  3. I have always suffered from bad sleeping due to lots of worries, this has stopped totally as well… I am asleep within minutes… This can’t be normal can it?

  4. Also i am having a dream within a dream quite often too, is this common and is there any information on this that could help me?

  5. [font=Arial]and last thing for now before I end up writing another book… Most Techniques I have read state that the best time to LD is when you have had a 5-6 hour sleep, and then after that LD is easier to get to… I have tried this and it doesn’t work, as like I have mentioned I can LD within minutes of putting my head on that pillow…am I doing something wrong, or is this pure luck… or what… I would love any comments on this…

Well thanks again… I am hoping if I find the time that is to spend more time on these forums… Sorry though for the long one… smiley.gif

Wow, Good Job! I wish I could LD like you. This is really amazing, I can hardly LD at all unless I’m using the WBTB technique which is sleeping for 4-5 hours, staying up for 1 hour and reading LD stuff, then going back to bed.

If you find that you are having trouble getting all your dreams down, maybe you could try typing them and only typing down some barebones facts until you have free time to add more details.

As for the techniques, I agree there are very many. There isn’t one correct choice, as what doesn’t work for one might work for another. I would suggest just trying out a few and adopting the one that seems to be working the best.

I would love to go to sleep faster, I think it takes me forever. I don’t think that it’s bad that you’re going to sleep faster. In fact, it might be a good thing.

I’m sorry I don’t really know much about having a dream in a dream or dream in a dream resources. Although once I did have a lucid dream in a normal dream. :confused:

I wouldn’t worry about using the WBTB technique to get your lucid dreams if you can get them within minutes of going to sleep. You might just have an inborn advantage when it comes to LDing or if it’s just luck, well then it’s extremely good luck and I would take advantage of it while it lasts. :content:

It’s sort of weird that it came so suddenly. Could your waking habits contribute? Any changes in them? Your dream recall is superb. May wish to pick and choose wich dreams to write down. I often spend a hour or more writing down dreams and i think that’s too much. I wish I could do it faster. For you, your recall seems not to require that you write down much. Or maybe it’s so good because you spend so much time on it. Whatever it is the only problem with it is that it takes time to write down everything. I’d be glad to be in your shoes in this matter. Long lucid dreams are rare for me and I’d like to explore more and do more. If it’s normal. Who cares? Enjoy it!
As for techniques, do you even need them?
Did the worries stop? If so maybe that’s why you have all these dreams or maybe it’s a side effect of the dreaming.
Dreams within dreams. What’s the problem with them?
Luck? If you’re not doing anything in particular then yes, you are lucky. But I don’t think I know wnough about you to really say. But hey, as long as it works for you there is nothing wrong with it.

  1. First I think you should ask yourself: why are you writing every single thing down? Especially when it’s affecting your normal life so much, I think you should take it a bit lighter. Personally I spend max. 5 minutes every morning on my dream journal, but can recall everything just fine as well.

To do this, I turn on the PC (digital dream journal), and while the PC’s booting, I go over my dreams in my head, and hope to recall more by association etc. Then I type them out one by one (I type way faster than I write, so that saves time :smile:), just a short description, 3 or 4 lines or so, and also some short extra information like people I know that were there, emotions I was having, dream signs I encountered, etc.

Also having a digital dream journal enables you to search for specific dreams more easily, or let you count the number of lucid dreams you had so far, or per month, etc.

  1. On [How to Choose Your Technique) you can read a topic on which technique may work best for you.

  2. Well, to me that’s just odd, but it’s great too, so why worry? :smile:

  3. No real information of which I know, but I often have something like this as well. Especially in lucid dreams I can clearly remember what other dreams I had that very night, and occasionally I also talk about earlier dreams I had in normal dreams (so when not lucid).

  4. Thing about LD’s is that they mostly take place in REM sleep, and it’s the end of the night (morning hours) when you have the most REM sleep, so also the most LD’s. As for me, I have only had lucid dreams after 5:00am, but for about everything concerning lucid dreaming goes that your mileage may vary, a lot.

When you start lucid dreaming for the first time it alway seems very strange. The more you do it, the more of a handle you’ll have on it.

It’s nice to see that you’re so interested in the subject- I hope it continues to come to you as easily as it has been. However, you might even want to take a break from writing your dreams, if it’s eating up that much of your life. Even though LDs always seem extremely interesting, not every one needs to be documented in full detail. Learn to enjoy them and be there in the moment, don’t stress over them. You might understand your dreams better this way.

Why don’t you try timing yourself on your journal entries to keep it from sucking up your day?

For #4 – dreams within dreams, false awakenings, those are things that happen a lot when you start to lucid dream. I’ve always thought it was a result of my mind trying to realize I’m lucid, but not quite making it.

5 - Everyone has different things that work. Just do what you like. :smile:


Hello, Tasja,adorns-a-amaranth. :eh: That’s a big name… Feel free to bore us with dream stories - we’d love to hear 'em… :tongue: As for your questions…

  1. I’d only pay attention to the lucid ones - only elaborate on those ones, and maybe just write a title for the non-lucid dreams. But then again, what you’re doing seems to be working… Vishakha had a good idea with timing yourself - maybe get a little kitchen timer and let it go for 15 minutes… You could also try drawing 'em instead (since a picture tells a thousand words), or using some sort of voice recorder…

  2. Try 'em all… Hell, you’re only 33 - you’ve got about 47 years left… That’s plenty of time :boogie: … MILD and Wake-Back-To-Bed and Reality Checks seem to be the most reliable for the greatest number of people. Keeping a dream diary also helps (but you didn’t need to know that). WILD and OBE techniques tend to be a little more difficult to learn - but are rewarding if you do. Other techniques are sorta “minor” - but you might find they work better for you (but only if you give 'em a good try).

  3. Getting a good night’s sleep is as normal as can be.

  4. It happens. Read up on false awakenings 'cause even if it isn’t exactly what you mean, it’s similar.

  5. Sounds to me like the books are wrong… Everybody is different, and what works well for one person might work terribly for another. But it could also be a matter of giving it more of a chance (it’s called Wake-Back-To-Bed or WBTB, by the way).