Is this an LD or not =\

I was dreaming a normal dream, then i thought of a better idea to do something in my dream, and i did it in my dream. After that i think the dream ended, but i didn’t wake up; the dream just went away.

Was this a Lucid Dream even though after doing 1 thing, a few seconds later the dream carryed on then ended?

I don’t think you were actually having a LD, unless at any point in the dream you were actually thinking or saying the words, “Am I dreaming?”… or something along those lines. Maybe you were getting close though.

Hi Bizzle :smile:

Well at AnY point in your dream did u know 4 Sure u were dreaming or were close to realizing it?! If so…then it was a definite or close LD :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll have to repeat what everyone else said :wink: If you were aware that you were dreaming, it was an LD. If you were convinced that it was real life, then it was not.


Sometimes when I am dreaming… I find out I am… and I’m like… “Hey, I’m dreaming…” and it goes on. That is an LD right?

If you say “I’m dreaming!” but you just continue to dream like before you said that, you aren’t lucid but prelucid. In this case you were on the verge of lucidity but it can be hard to pass this threshold. You’re only lucid if you fully understand the meaning of “I’m dreaming”. If you do, you’ll see the dream with whole new eyes. It’s as if realizing-this-truth has taken off your blindfold which you were wearing all the time. If you’re prelucid, you aren’t able to throw away that blindfold and you keep acting in ignorance of your true situation.