Is this an LD?

I’m not sure. I think i had a lucid dream for a fraction of a second. In my dream i could turn light bulbs on/off at will. and i remember looking at one and thinking to myself, consciously, “i want to turn that on” and it turned on. Another part of the dream a character was standing a foot off the ground in mid air, and i said to HIM “you’re dreaming,” but i didn’t become lucid at this point. Do things of this nature happen to people often?

dream control is different from lucid dreaming (although, ideally, they accompany each other) so being able to turning the lights on and off doesn’t necessarily mean you were lucid (although it’s a possibility)

the occassion where you saw a DC flying and told him he was dreaming, it sounds like you were pre-lucid

that’s just my take on it though, keep practicing, you’ll get it