Is this beacuse of my wish in dream or... ?

I’ve experienced LD only once, maybe about 1 month ago…
While dreaming, someone told me that this is a dream(didn’t find it out myself!) and then I’ve tried to fly, but I was thinking, and sad “I won’t make it” and then, I’ve tried to fly and couldn’t, I couldn’t move, and the sky was split open, and in center was some kind of passage, just like from house to basement (thing with stairs…).
And question is, why I couldn’t fly ? Is because I sad I won’t made it and that happened ?

yes, you have answered your own question.

You can’t do what you don’t think you can. Seems simple but it’s the most important part of controlling your dreams.

And… most things you believe you can do inside dreams, you will be able to.

During the day, or while your falling asleep, try to imagine what it feels like to lift up off the ground and fly. In the dream, don’t think about it, just do it. I’ve found thinking about it is one of the hardest ways to do it. Your dreams will match your expectations. If you expect flying to be as simple as taking off and going, it will be.

I just stated this in a previous post, remember that your physical restraints don’t control your dream, your imagination does.

You can do literally ANYTHING, you’re just not used to it.

Rhewin kind of said this, it’s human nature to over-think stuff, so just do it. Might be odd due to realism at first, but you can’t be hurt at all. I’m sure you know that, but don’t doubt yourself.

When I find out that I’m in dream, I was afraid, I don’t know why, like some great responcibility was on me