Is this clip real???? *warning*

I found a clip on a forum, and I need to know if it’s real or not (hope not)

there is no blood or anything in the clip but it may make you feel sick

It’s a french hidden camera show and the clip here is filmed in russia

Oh, That’s some scary shit. Lets hope its not real. The dude in the end seemed kinda crazy (his face). But, if its real. shouldnt the camera man run or something or atleast move the camera, and if you see in the background, you see cars coming and stuff. Who is so silly and starts to shoot in public? :sad:

If you look close in the end (background) you see a girl walking closer to the box (while he is shooting). Has to be fake :wiske:

there is also no or very little recoil
and there are no ricoschettes (spelling??) at least i think
there’s a cut in the scene just before he starts shooting

however, the camera-man seems to get a little scared and the camera is moving a little bit too much
the gun looks real, the silvery thing is opening if you look closely
this could happen in russia, he looks like a real badass mobster

:eek: That’s fake, it has to be…

hahha!!, that’s totally fake, but funny anyway

Fake as hell. No spent cases, no sound of the bullet impact.

That is funny though :happy:

what is it
im scared to look

It is a hidden camera clip, and it looks like one of the victims shoots the actor. It is quite obviously false. :cool:

I really REALLY hope that this entire clip is just another attempt of humour and NOT real, because who would start shooting a mailbox spitting out your mail in public?!

Okay i would say its a 50:50 cance that that is real. Since the gun apears verry real and the slide moves back and forward.
But the series of events is seriously unlikley.


That sounds nothing like a real gun. So yeah, it’s definatly fake.

It’s clearly fake, but funny as hell

I was expecting something really creepy and scary. Yet this is an obvious fake. The gun looks real as in it moves but he could have blanks…its a FAKE.