Is this close to a LD?

This morning at 10:00 AM after sleeping 9 hours, i decided to try and go back to sleep. I had my eyes closed and decided to say I’m sleeping over and over in my mind, so every few minutes when my eyes were closed, i felt like i was floating for one second this flash through my whole body, but after that happened to me i felt like i could just jump into a LD but i couldn’t :meh:. Explain?

Your body was starting to enter SP, but after 9 hours of sleep I doubt you’d be having any REM sleep, which would be the part where you couldn’t enter a dream.
9 hours of sleep is enough for one night - Unless you’re used to sleeping longer, your mind won’t be as willing to fall asleep.

But the thing is right before that, i just woke up from a really vivid dream

Yeah, but the more sleep you get the harder it will be for you to go back to sleep once awake.

awake dreaming is also very posible, hard, but posible, i would say you don’t need to try hard but keep the feelings of the dream while awake. It is much easier to create your LD world awake, and is unique and excellent feeling. You both know you are awake and dreaming, negating your primary senses from RL, like seeing, hearing etc…

That made absolutely no sense at all.

I think he’s talking about some kind of deep meditation :tongue:

And I’be had plenty of LD’s after 9 hours of sleep (well, I’m able to sleep 12 - 13 hours if you lket me… :shy: )

Yes you can call it meditation, that can be used to describe it. Also it is extremly hard to do or even practice. For me, when it happens i just enjoy it. As I said you MUST be in sleeping/dreaming mood, otherwise it can’t happen.

I’m sorry, but your posts seem incredibly irrelevant :neutral: