Is this combination safe?

I’ve been taking 800 mg Valerian, 100mg B-6, and 1mg Melatonin nightly for about a week, with a noticeable improvement in the vividness of my dreams. I have just taken some NyQuil for a terrible cold I have, and I wanted to have the same vivid dreams, but I’m unsure of the safety of taking these substances with NyQuil. I don’t really need the Melatonin now because I’ll be knocked out soon :content: , but should I still take the Valerian and B-6? Thanks in advance :smile:

I’m sure all the physicians on this
forum will give you good advice.
Everyone here is well educated and knows what they’re talking about when it comes to mixing chemical substances.
You can trust us.
Hey is everyone still having luck with
smoking Ajax mixed with toothpaste? It doesn’t give me lucid dreams anymore but I still get the occasional bleeding
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I’m sure someone will be able to answer your query soon.

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i used to take valerian for colds and sinus problems, so continue that! it should have no negative interminglings with the nyquil (its great stuff, although i cannot stand the taste! blehk) b vitamins never hurt aything…
and i have no friggin idea about melatonin! ;o)

play it safe, if you get worried, call poison control or something - mmm i mean a doctor


I played it safe last night and didn’t mix Nyquil with the other substances. I didn’t get to see your replies though, because I fell asleep right after I posted that. Since I didn’t take that stuff last night I can’t remember a thing about my dreams, unlike the past week.

Sal the safest thing to do, would be to ask your local chemist/druggist/pharmacist (depending on which country you live in) if it is safe to take them together.

i think you might be getting too dependant on your various substances if you cant remember anything when you dont take them, this may not be a good thing

Yeah, you may be right, but it may just have been a bad night. Keep in mind I took some Nyquil, and that can’t be good for dreams.

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spreadoffear got a point here :grin:

Well, I don´t know nothing about Nyquil. However, please remember not to take any of the substances you mentioned on a regular basis. Especially the melantonin, which is a hormon, should (if at all) only be taken sporadically. Vit B6 shouldn´t do any harm if you take it once a week or so (and less than 1g per ingestion), but if you take it on daily basis your body might get used to it, and also the absorption of natural vitamins or minerals can be stopped while you take supplements (sometimes the natural ones aren´t really identical to the supplements).
I don´t know about valerian, but I figure it could give you nervousness or insomnia if taken too long and then stopped.

As a general rule, don´t take any herb, medical, supplement or drug on a regular basis if you don´t know exactly what you are doing.