Is this even possible?

Okay, I know it’s possible. But I just cannot become lucid. I have quite literally tried this for 10 years. I have read all the books, visited forums like this, etc. I’ve used “am I dreaming?” tests.

Here’s what I think is one problem. I don’t realize I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming. It’s only after I wake up then I remember all of them. I have very good dream recall, but I can’t ever “see” my dreams. It’s more like I’m reading a book.

Another problem is my dreams are so businesslike. I don’t have flying pink monkeys or anything like that. They’re very believeable and lifelike.

Any hints? It seems to me that I’m doing everything “right”, but it just isn’t happening. I’ve many times decided I’m trying to hard and back off, but that doesn’t help at all.


Did you try the WBTB method with MILD? Those two put together, given enough time, will almost always work. You might also try infinity, a regimen for lucid dreaming which so far has a 100% success rate.

Infinity’s Page


WBTB works great :wink: And don’t worry, you will have a lucid dream eventually.

I am downloading that now, after testing it I will post my results.
Edit: Paradiso looks cool also, I am going to test that one out as well.
Edit: Could somebody please give the the name of the music that plays in the background to either of those programs? I love it so much.
3rd Edit: I found the music in the about section.

Find your dream sign, and then use DILD ! ! ! it’s so fulfiling

I know it’s really hard, but try to convince yourself that LDing is easy. Confidence is one of the most important parts of being able to LD. Thinking its impossible will just make it a lot harder.

Ive been trying for like a year to, and havent had much luck, have had some lucid dreams. I just cant keep up, but i say perservere. Perfect practice makes perfect.

well, i haven’t LDed yet, but I heard that if you have “normal” dreams it is easier to notice small things that are not just right.

I’ve always read WBTB works best. But no luck here. :frowning:

Something else about my dreams. The usual checks like looking at my hand or watch. It’s normal. I’ll dream I’m at work and I look at my watch. It’s 3:05. I look again. It’s 3:06. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Thanks. I’ll try it.

Wow, that Infinity thingy sure sounds promising!

Wait you actually performed a reality check in a dream and it didn’t work? :wow: (honestly never happened here). Just remember you have to make sure to expect the reality check to work. Try the “breath in through pinched nose” trick. If that works in real life then something is wrong :grin: . Thinking about lucid dreaming in a dream is a great start (guaranteed me a DILD every time it happened).