Is this good?

I am only 13 and i just started lucid dreaming. Is it good i started early? Or is it bad i started early? How old were you when you guys started to lucid dream?

:gni: LOL the earlier you start with it the better.
I am 25, I wish I knew about this when I was 13 years old.
I had my first LD when I was 20 years old (spontaneous), I started serious LD-work at 23. Well it’s never too late to start lucid dreaming :alien: .

I fully agree to Brainhacker. I’m now 16 years old and started being interested in LD about 4 month ago.

It’s really a pity that plenty of the folks know about LDing. If they had shown interest in their childrens dreams then this site wouldn’t be able to count their members :smile:

But we’re young now and maybe LDing is what our generation is made for.


I think i started lucid dreaming when i was… uhm… perhaps 2 years old.So i am a natural born dreamer :wink:
Unfortunately i forgot about my dreams,soon i will be 17 and i started LDing again perhaps one year ago,after i read some things about it in the net.
But it would have been cool if i had read about dreams even earlier…

So,good luck


The younger you start the better. :smile:

When you’re younger, you also learn somewhat faster…

Thank you for info. I quess im lucky i can start earlier than you guys.

im 16 too, and just wished i started earlier. i dont remember how i got started with lucid dreaming, could have been something on the net i found, i really cant figure it out. …damn weed killed my memory. but im hoping that after lots of time and practice by the time i graduate i can be a very good lucid dreamer, so when im in college i can try to be more peaceful and calm for studying.

just a question that i have had in my mind for a while. is it possible, after studying for a while about a subject, to continue the studying IN a dream? like go over the ideas that maybe you didnt understand, and your sub-concious-concious dream mind can figure out for real life??

I am 15 years old, and the first time I heard about lucid dreams was for nearly 1 month ago. The introduction to lucid dreams was for me this Web site: Dream Views. I think that this web site is a very good introduction to lucid dreams, and I will recommend it to all novices.

Oh and I forgot to say that Through the Mirror and this forum are also higly recommended to newbies. I can’t say how much this forum means to me in my quest for lucid dreams! Well now I am going to bed (it is 6:50 in the morning now).
Maybe I will get my first real lucid dream in the next hours? :cheesy: Or maybe not. :frowning:

I’ve been lucid dreaming since forever, but I only got into it properly around 2 months ago.

Oh, one more thing I wanted to say… My opinion is that ANYONE should be allowed to try lucid dreaming, as long as they are old enought to understand lucid dreaming and the metods using for inducing lucid dreams, and they don’t make lucid dreaming into a obsession. Lucid dreams can be really fun, but making it into a obsession won’t help anyone… We’ve still gotten lives to live, or what? :smile:

I’m 43 and had my first lucid dream some 4 years ago! I would have LOVED to have started in my teens… I envy you!

I’m 15, started about a year ago, i found out through this site, but was in the chat room a lot more than the forums, until now…the roles seem to have reversed…but anyway, i’ve had 3 LD’s thus far, lost interest a little for about 4 months, not sure why, possibly a problem with started in the teen years, there has to be a large amount of perseverance, and many teens just do not have the patience. Although that certainly does not apply for all teens by any means. As long as you have the pateince and perseverance, starting at 13 is certainly no problem at all.

I’m 15 too, started about 1½ year ago. I’ve only had 2 low-level lucid dreams though :frowning:

I think it’s even better to start when you’re 10/11 years old. My sister can remember almost all of her dreams. It really annoys me, she can sit every morning and talk about her dreams, and i only remember them in the weekends.


I am in a german OBE forum,there most people are between 20 and 50.LDs is almost the same,but here are many from 14-17 or something…

How comes? Just coincidence?


Heisann, LucidityX1000 artig å se flere fra Norge her :happy:

Ja. Det er vel oss to, og en til (jeg husker ikke brukernavnet) her fra Norge, iallfall som jeg vet om. Jeg synes det er synd ikke det er noen flere hjemmesider på norsk om klare drømmer (jeg fant bare én, Mitt Arnested), slik at vi må møtes på et nederlandsk forum. Det er ikke noe galt med denne siden, men… :frowning:

(You who don’t understand Norweagian, don’t bother with this post! :razz: )

Being finnish, I had to study swedish (which is close to norweigian language), and if you’re interested, it seems that they’re just weeping about the low quantity of lucid-sites in norweigian language.

We in Finland have also just few lucid-sites.
This go way out the topic, but it’s quite peculiar that this kind of phenomena isn’t largely known, I would be extremely happy if everybody in the world would know that you can have 100% virtual reality, like “holodeck” in Star Trek TNG, with all senses working and everything feeling like real world but still be fake giving endless opportunities to do whatever you like…
Oops, too much off-topic. (sorry)

Thank you for the interpatation Soothsayer. :happy:

Dansk ligger også meget tæt på norsk og svensk!

Am i the only Danish here?