Is this HI?

I had an experience once when i could see these extremely disturbing things with my eyes closed, and when i opened my eyes, i could still see them as clear as day. This had happened when i was about to go to sleep, and it always happens when i go camping. Is this HI, or is it something else?

I am guessnig that this is HI because HI is simply the images you see in front of you when sleeping. Sometimes you might see yourself in School or with family etc or things that have nothing to do with you at all. They are very clear images and detailed.

So u decide whether this is HI.

Well, i wasn’t asleep at the time, i was going to sleep. So what, was it HI or HH or what?

what sorts of things did you see?

black and white shapes?

what might be HI

but it’s strange that you still saw them after opening your eyes

were you in SP?

then it might’ve been something like old hag

I wasnt in SP at all. I have never been in SP. It wasn’t black and white shapes. It was disturbing things, one of which i remember, which was a man eating another, by peeling his skin and eating that first, then getting to work on his insides… he used a potato peeler…

hmm it seems HI for me is a flash of a very vivid scene but once i realize it is HI it goes away, usually archetecture or a landscape for me, but it sounds like you are experienceing detailed HI maybe just try to not focus on it and let it pass

You dont have HI when your asleep you have it when your going to sleep.

But to still see it with your eye open, maybe its somethin else… Your not a skitso who has hallucinations are you :razz:?

No. I am not schizophrenic, and i never have hallucinations. Except that one time when i got hyperactive from eating loads of sugar, and having my first ever cappucino. However, i am dyspraxic, but i doubt it has anything to do with that. I was thinking it might be HH or HI, or maybe even a very strange version of Old Hag. The thing is, its not the people i see on their own, it is in a scene, and never moves away from my eyes. This is the one thing that really worries me, and is worse than any nightmare i have ever had. This is the only thing that ruins the fun when i go camping. If there is a way to get rid of this, will somebody tell me if they know?

As for a more accurate description, i will describe it now.

There is always a scene, right in front of my eyes, even when i look away or turn my head, and it is more vivid when i close my eyes. There is a central haracter, always something disturbing, and each scene changes after a few seconds. I remember some more than others, the main one being the cannibal. It can last for hours, usually most of the night, but when i put a light on it, it goes away temporarily. When the light goes off it is back and worse than ever. I have had no mental problems that i know of, and no disabilities apart from dyspraxia.

I have something similar, though it isn’t as detailed.

I have these dark images appear as I’m falling asleep. I can see them in my darkend bedroom just as I feel myself crossing into dreamland. If I turn on the light, they dissapear, and if I get up and approach them, they aren’t really there.

I also have similar hallucinations during false awakenings, though they may just be triggered by memories of previous visions while falling asleep.

My wife things I’m crazy, and I feel crazy too when I see them. The strange thing is, we have a “New Age” couple who practice Reiki (sp?) and they did a ritualistic “cleanzing” of our bedroom last year, and the images stopped appearing for a while. But after a year later, they are appearing again.

We bought our house after the previous owners had a forclosure, so I wonder if any negative energy is lingering around. I personally don’t believe in most of that stuff, but its still kinda freaky.

That is very similar to what i get. However, i don’t think that “Cleansing” would help much, since it is a tent, and i don’t go camping very often now anyway. However, it bothers me, and i am due to go on a big camp soon, and i’m worried that since there are going to be people there i have to be a role model to, then they might think im crazy or something if it happens again. Also, i have always been sensitive to ghosts and other supernatural activity. Do you think it could have someting to do with that?

I’m thinking that if this only appears when you are camping, it may be something subconscious rather than something etheral that exists in some sort of spiritual world.

Unless of course you always camp in the same place and it is over some type of historical native american land where cannibulistic practices took place long ago.

But if you change camping spots regulalry, I would say it is all in your mind. I believe (and hope) that is where my hallucinations come from, because my wife never sees them…just me reacting to them.

It sometimes is in the same place, but its not always. It has only started happening a couple years ago too. It hasn’t happened all my life, and i dont know why it started. Also, i am the only one to see them too. I remember my frightened whimpering once woke up a few people in the tent, and all they saw was me staring at the wall of the tent, absolutely terrified. When one asked me about it, i told them what happened, but it was only asked about the next day, by one of the people who help run our camp. None of the lads asked, but Jenna asked, and when i told her, she got quite worried. The thing is, where i saw the hallucination that time, the place was near a prison. The other campsites are not near prisons, but things have happened there. In the usual camping spot, there have been bodies found there, and often people breaking in to the hut. Maybe i was reacting to death, and murder. However, there is another spot i have been camping and it happened too, but i have no idea why. It could be that a war was fought near there or something, i have no idea.

I suggest you make lemons out of lemonade in these camping situations. You can almost count on experiencing this HI scenes when camping, so start expecting it.

Tell yourself as you lay down to go to sleep that as soon as you start seeing those disturbing images, that you will realize you are dreaming. Recognizing HI is one of the best ways to induce a WILD. As frightening as these images may be, try your best to remind yourself that what you are actually seeing are images in your head and that since they are part of you, you are in complete control. Once you establish your consciousness in this situation, you don’t need to pay attention to them anymore. And once dream imagry stops getting your attention, it ceases to exist.

I know what I am suggesting goes against the natural “Fight or Flight” instincts in all humans, but once you take control, I doubt very much that these images will continue to haunt you.


I must say, that is very disturbing and I am extremely sympathetic toward you.

Are you sleeping in the same tent every time? If so, ditch that and get a new one!

Well, yes it is disturbing, and it might be the same tent, i don’t know… but i can’t get rid of the tent, as it is not mine to get rid of.

Also, Dave, i think i have tried that before, but i don’t know. If it happens again, i will try it. However, the next time i go camping will be in Holland!

I remember when I was like 5 and still sleeping with my parents, this thing happened to me. I closed my eyes, and something incredibly freaky and scary (but usually strange-based scary, like a face made of squares, or looking like being made of pixels, frowning upon my, in the middle of my view, or as a statue in a huge hall) I wasn’t sleeping, I was just seeing it with the lights off when i was trynig to sleep. i actually told my parents i was seenig it but no… they didn’t believe it.

It was freaking me out, i hope it never happens again.

That is freaky indeed, and seems similar to what i experience. Maybe these things are a waking nightmare or something like that.

Maybe they keep coming, because you expect them too…
May they come, try to realise you’re in control. If you need more help, say so.

Hi HebrewB,

I’ve just read excerpts of a very old book about HI and dreams by Alfred Maury (it was written in 1861) and Freud took a lot of good ideas in it. Alfred Maury was very sensible to HI, he had a lot when he falled asleep. One of the HI he had made me remind of this thread.

Alfred Maury relates that everytimes he went to the countryside, he had HI with an awful greenish bat and a castle. One night when he had such HI, he remembered that when he was a child, he went to the countryside and was very impressed by an old castle and somebody told him about bats or something like that. This memory was forgotten, but it was appearing again and again in HI when he went to the countryside. I suppose it’s the same thing with the jail, which must have impressed you a lot.

i dont remember anything like that, all i know about jails is that there is one somewhere near a place i went camping once. well, all that is significant. However, it IS only during the time i am in the countryside, as it is always in a field or forest that i go camping… Maybe it is something more than a forgotten memory though. I dont think i have ever had a memory of a big fat guy eating someone with a potato peeler… but, might i add, i have a wild imagination sometimes, and i wasnt asleep at the time. However, it is always during a visit to the countryside… thats quite interesting…