is this normal

somtimes when im having lucid dreams my brain gets tired its kinda hard to explain but its like weary almost like it shouldnt be doing that or somthing but im fine when im awake it doesnt hurt im just afraid its not normal

Ok, to answer all questions of this nature.’

We sleep everyday do we not?

I think the only difference that cause questions of “is this normal” is that Lucid Dreaming calls for awareness that normal sleep does not. Therefore experiences that we have during Lucid Dreaming are new, and are perceived as ‘not normal’

I’ve been having the same problem.

Personally I think it is becouse I concentrating more, on staying lucid and trying to remember the dream, then in an normal dream.
If I stop concentrating my brain stops being tiered.

Don’t know what might be coursing this for you though.

thanx will try again and see if it works