Is this one of my Dream signs?

Last night I had my first real Lucid Dream

The thing that made me lucid was the fact that I was underwater with no breathing device. Is that a dream sign?

(oh and is it normal to do a RC after becoming lucid, because I did that too)

I don’t think it’s a dream sign, unless you notice in future/past LDs that you become lucid from it often. I’m not sure… I’ve always thought of dream signs as something that are recurring. Might want to wait for someone more knowledgable to come around before you take me too seriously :peek:

And yep, lots of people do RCs after they become lucid, y’know, just to make sure :wink: I usually end up going through a couple before I’m ready to go out and do whatever I can in my short amount of lucid time…

I think the OCEAN is my dream sign.

Last night I was in the ocean and I imeadiatly knew I was dreaming. The night before that I was deep under the ocean and I knew I was dreaming. So I believe that when ever I see the ocean in my dreams it my dream sign.

OMG!! this is off topic but it’s a coincidence. I was sitting here listening to my music, I have 24 hours of music on the play list… the song that just started is “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin!!!

Is that freaky or what?!

Heh, what a coincidence :content:

Yeah, that might just be your dream sign. One of mine is mirrors – I dream about mirrors a lot for some reason, and usually I look funny in them. Often that helps me become lucid :grin:

Dream signs are a personal thing.
When writing down your dreams, you will notice reoccuring themes, places, actions or items. You can use these as your dream signs. For example, in your dreams oceans and water will appear every now and then. So, from now on, every time you see a lake, the ocean or generally water, try to do a reality check (in real life!) … :smile:

I will definatly do that.

I still contemplating on wether or not I should go to the ocean. I live in Broward county, I can go when ever I want.

I’m seriously thinking about just swimming east until I can’t feel the ocean floor. Then I’m going to go free diving, I’ll play with crabs and what not.

I’ve never done it before and that’s actually the reason why I’m thinking about it.

And when I was on that couch last night in my dream and I was out on the ocean… I saw what I see when I go over the intercoastal and you can see the ocean… the white tips of waves crashing and nothing but blue as far as the eye can see… and it’s what made me lucid.

I never noticed this before, but if there is an archtype kind of event that takes place before comming lucid in dreams then mine is surely, corridors or a maze. As I become more lucid I almost always find myself trying to escape a maze. I have to walk through a bunch of hallways or crawl under something to get out, or free from it. Then I get to have sweet LDs. Sometimes I don’t make it out though…and my LD end sup being shitty.