Is this possible?

Since your subconscious pretty much remembers everything and has “a mind of its own”, is it possible to read through a book word for word in real life and then be able to access said book in your LD? would tremendously help with studying…

Must know if this is possible!

Your SC doesn’t have super powers. I don’t think it would be able to remember a book if you didn’t learn it by heart beforehad. Once I read a book in a dream and it was all gibberish, something about a white unicorn.

But once I read the story of someone who said he had dreamed about what he had read in an history book. He had to study stuff about the French revolution and dreamed that he was there during the events. He said it was extremely detailed and vivid, so when he got to the test he was able to describe everything accurately. Don’t know if it’s a real story though.

Hmm, well, since your SC has great control over your conscious mind wouldn’t you be able to say, talk with your SC in an LD so that it will give you greater memory concentration?

You seriously want to spend your precious lucid time reading a book from school?!

Also reading in a lucid dream doesn’t work very well. Words are very volatile and are directly effected by your thoughts. Besides that, reading makes you loose your touch with your dream surroundings, causing you to wake up easily.

Dont spend lucit time on books its boooring :happy: