is this supposed to happen???

I want to become lucid so i tried i asked reality check questions all day. Now in my dream i was late for school so i hurried up. I was supposed to go to the gym to get my agenda but i was late. I had to go to the office to get it. This guy handed me the agenda and letter. Well I heard that you cant read or that the words are scrambled up in dreams? Well i tried to read the ting and it was jsut fine. I ran across the hall looking at the classrooms then went back to reading the paper and the words havent changed at all.

The letter said

Dear Student,
Welcome to our school! We hope you will like it here.
Here are the rules.
Thanks you!

I read that a couple of times and the words didnt change so i didnt realize i was dreaming. lol…

The time is also right too not scrambled…
Is this supposed to happen?

no,it isn´t supposed to happen that way…
But RCs often fail.Anyway,if you at least do them in your dreams you are near having DILD,you just have to find a RC that works for you
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