Is this what im supposed to experience?

I just learned about LD recently. I do not have good dream recall at all yet, but i decided to work on LD at the same time as gaining my dream recall. Last night i wanted to try WILD. The first attempt i thought i begin to see a spinning web of green lines and my heart rate got really fast, and all the lines dissapeared, leaving me in bed, so i gave up and tried to use MILD, but nothing happened(or my dream recall just failed me), but when i woke i tried WILD again, and i think i fell partially asleep, but I had a random thought. There were no pictures or sounds but I “heard” the words “the real story behind project jameswell” like i was thinking them, and suddenly was awaken.

I left out some of it. The green web i saw seemed like it was going to engulf me, but when my heart rate went up(it went up because i thought it was going to be so awesome and got excited lol) it shrunk down. I also kept having the urge to open my eyes, which I have also been known to sleep with my eyes open

Wow i have some long sentences up there :happy:

Sounds like a very good start if you got HI on your first try. :happy: The rapid heart beat is normal in WILD so don’t worry about it.
Keep it up and you’ll get lucid soon :wink:

damn i just read this:
If you start to experience Abstract Thoughts, the logical part of your brain is falling asleep and you are not far from losing consciousness.

I’m guessing that means I couldn’t keep myself conscious during my second attempt, but I guess I’m on the right track :smile:. Why do I wish it were night and I could go to sleep now? lol :happy: