Is this what WILD feels like?

So, the other day I had my first LD by using WBTB and MILD. It was very exciting! To make a long story short, I began to float upwards and landed right onto my bed when the dream began to fade. While on the bed, I actually woke up and experienced SP and all that fine and dandy HS stuff. While laying on the bed, I began to try to move but I ended up moving my real body (I think). So, I tried to move my ‘other’ (dream) body and I successfully entered another dream! Hurrah! By using WBTB and MILD it seems like I ‘accidently’ WILD-ed! :tongue:

I’ll get to my point: Is this how a WILD is supposed to feel? SP and HS and moving your ‘other’ body? Because I’ve been trying to use WBTB in combination with WILD and I would like to know if what I experienced is typical for a WILD.

Today, I managed to hear a tiny bit of HS in the form of music and a creaking gate and at one point, I actually felt the coldness of a snow scene I was thinking of. Then, I started to feel as if my bed was rocking and I wondered if I could move my ‘other’ body as I did last time and I ended up waking. Does it sound like I’m doing something wrong? Am I rushing?

I also saw a lot of weird lines and dots that were yellowish-green and one giant white dot that got closer and closer (i could have sworn it was going to be a snow ball)

So, to recap:
-Was my first experience typical to feelings experienced during an attempt to have a WILD?
-Does it sound like my other attempts are headed in the right direction?
-Are there any tips for stepping into a dream? (I honestly have no idea how I did that last time. I think it may have been beginner’s luck.

(and I apologize for the very long post!)

Hello, welcome :welcome:

First of all, your first experience was not WILD…you were even luckier.
It was an out-of-body experience, or OBE.

Now, that is when you exit your physical body with your ‘‘astral’’ body.
You did very well there!

So, you didn’t get a lucid dream, you got an OBE instead, and that is more rare than an LD.

As for the other times, they were WILD attempts, no doubt.
You heard HS, saw HI (Those dots and ‘‘snowballs’’) and felt cold. That all fits into HH.

Good job, you were close.
Now, if you are attempting an OBE, then you should stay calm until you reach SP, so you block your physical body, and get out with your astral body.
If you are going for a lucid dream, you should stay calm and ‘‘enjoy the show’’.

By that, I mean just focus on the HH and stay relaxed. You can either wait while the dream forms and enter it, or you could try creating one yourself by visualization.

Good luck, friend! :wink:

Hmm… a WILD isn’t like that for me. It’s more gently :smile: I feel like fading away and wake up in the dreamworld - without much SP :o. I hear some sounds, but not too much. No hallucinations for me, because I don’t want them :tongue:. It’s very important to want something. So, for me, entering the dreamworld is enough. No HI, HH, HS etc. But most people have them, so… congratulations !

Good luck from me too !

PS: This was my 200 post :woo:

Such a simple comment, but I think I finally understood the difference between a LD and OBE :rofl: I’ve usually simply thought I’ve had two different types of WILD’s. One type is when I see HI and kinda get swallowed by it. I usually don’t feel SP there. and the other one I usually get SP but no HI :lol: sometimes I don’t feel the SP much though. In this second WILD I enter by kinda moving my dreambody out of my physical body (out of body, duh!) So I guess this second type is what some people call OBE! Right? did I finally understand it? :tongue: They aren’t much more vivid than the first WILD, usually…

Aaaaaanyway! Grats on that experience Moi! You seem to be on the right track! :smile:

Well, yes, whenever and however you exit your body doesn’t matter, it will still be an OBE, but this is just the technique for it.

So, yes!
Simple comments are…simple to understand :colgate: