Is WBTB easier if you are very tired when you wake up?

It will obviously be easier to fall asleep again if you are really tired, but on the other hand, how does this affect your actual success rate?
I know you should be somewhat “alert” when you go to sleep again, but is it a smart idea to sleep for only a few hours so you absolutely need to go back to sleep again a little while later?

If you can maintain your concentration, the faster you fall asleep the easier. If you cut sleep off too early you might not get back into a really good REM phase, but generally anything from 4-6 hours can work. I actually have had success with 3 before. If you find yourself too tired to concentrate, try getting out of bed for a moment to go to the restroom or something similar.

Ouch guess that could also explain my LD ing dryspell. I’ve come off an everlasting track season and the farther into the season I got the fewer Dreams in general…well I got afew here and there afew lucid, some normal, and very late dream recalls of dreams I barely recall having along with the random images that get recalled a while after being sleep. Now that its over and Im at ease Im finally having ND s again and afew Lucid here and there, but I was still gettin to bed late.
To the point: I find WBTB to work easier when tired sometimes Ive unintentionally entered WILD from Hallucinaion of sounds and sometimes images

Thank you. :content:

I guess one great way is to wake up after 4,5 hours during WBTB, then sleep for 2 hours or so and then practice WILD later in the day. :happy: