Is WILD for beginners?

[center]Is WILD for Beginners?[/center]
WILD! It’s the technique everyone talks about! Seriously, check out this graph I made measuring how much the chatroom talks about it! Though, with the ability to LD at will and everything, why wouldn’t it be? Why worry yourself with reality checking and analyzing your dream journal entries for dream signs when instead you could just jump straight into a lucid dream from a waking state? Well… it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often I see beginners getting turned down after being told that “WILD isn’t for beginners!” Others try it but are frustrated when they can’t succeed with it. Some even turn away from lucid dreaming completely! So is WILD for beginners? Before we answer that question, we should go over what exactly the technique is.

What is WILD?
WILD is a type of lucid dreaming technique. WILD’s are Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams, meaning they refer to any lucid dreams where the lucid dreamer falls asleep consciously. VILD, DEILD, and FILD are all WILD techniques. Other, more general WILD techniques include focusing on counting, hypnagogic imagery, or other things to keep the mind awake while the body falls asleep. I’m not going to go in-depth with how to perform any of the WILD techniques. If you need some guides on how to do the techniques, check the links at the end of the article.

Now that we know what WILD is, we can ask the big question. Is it for beginners? Well, let me just give you some points about WILD:

1. WILD is not easy
WILD is a complex method. Methods such as SSILD are designed to be easy to follow without much need for improvisation. On the other hand, WILD requires a lot of experimentation and customization. You have to make it your technique. It requires more discipline, motivation, and patience to perform successfully. As with most techniques, some lucid dreamers will just not be able to get it on their first try.

2. WILD is not impossible
Even if it is known for being difficult, some lucid dreamers may find WILD incredibly easy and pull it off on their first try. Perhaps some may even do it accidentally. People who are experienced in meditation or fall asleep quickly may find it easier. But even if you are one of those lucid dreamers who just can’t seem to find success, you will eventually get a lucid dream if you keep trying. Despite what others may say, it is completely possible to WILD as a beginner! The key to getting a WILD isn’t about how experienced you are, it’s more about how hard you try. As long as you don’t give up, you will get that WILD!

3. WILD is not a magical technique
WILD seems easy enough. You don’t have to bother with doing reality checks and dream journaling right? Wrong. You still need to keep your dream recall up. Why bother getting lucid dreams if you can’t remember them? Reality checks are also important. Besides getting you more lucid dreams, they also help you stay lucid. Also, they’ll help you deal with false awakenings. So make sure to remember to keep up your RC’s and DJ! WILD is far from some magical technique that requires no work at all.

4. WILD can be a fun and unique experience
Although some may find SP to be scary, watching yourself fall asleep is an interesting and unique experience. WILD’s tend to be more vivid from the start when compared to DILD’s. They cannot be confused for false lucid dreams. WILD’s success can be directly controlled by you! And did I mention how cool it is to watch yourself fall asleep, a thing that happens every single night but you always miss because you are unconscious?! If you really want a WILD, don’t give up just because it’s too hard! You’re missing out on an amazing technique!

5. One lucid dream is worth a lifetime of trying
Just because you aren’t successful with the WILD technique, or any technique for that matter, doesn’t mean you should give up. There are other techniques out there! Make sure to try more than one technique! Avoid the lucid dreaming wall. Everyone can lucid dream if they put enough work into it. Now, show me what you’ve got!

Is WILD for beginners? In the end, is the question that important? Some beginners may find it easy. Some beginners may find it hard. There are those who are dedicated to making it happen, and there are those who will give up and try other techniques. If you want to try WILD, give it a shot! But don’t forget about all the other techniques. And don’t give up just because one technique isn’t working! If you keep on trying, you will get it. Good luck!

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Thankyou for posting that Mew151. :smile: It is easy to read, and great for first time dreamers who are wondering which method to try. Sleep paralysis can be hard to endure, and if I would have read that when I first had my first SP when I was a kid and I wouldn’t have woken up in fright and left :eh: for so many years.

I had my first LD through falling asleep consciously, and it was an accident. I was hoping for a LD, though not that way! :flower:

It really is just a matter of putting in some time if you don’t achieve it first try. And overcoming the fear of what the mind may put you through.

soupfruit, WILD CHILD :wiske:

I would say WILD is the most promising LD technique I know. If you do it right your chances of getting a LD are high. You explained WILD very well. I am doing it for a few years now and I have a lot of success with it :happy:

I’m a total noob to this forum as well as LD. As per your suggestion and the article, I’ll try WILD. Hope I’ll too get a few LDs.

I’ll tell you my opinion about it, I tried WILD for a month and I didn’t get good results, last year I tried MILD but I was much more layman about lucid dreams and I gave up but amazingly I got lucid dreams (even though they were cloudy, confused, I I could still do something with difficulty), I should have given it a month like the current technique and I would have had better results, but it had acted when I tried WILD I had a lot of difficulty but I tried hypnagogia, my body tingled and felt like I was floating, I saw light images with my eyes closed but I had distractions and I also couldn’t keep my patience and I would probably stay in bed all night trying something, WILD is a good technique but it can probably take months to get consistent or frequent lucid dreams, my tip is for a beginner to try MILD or SSILD that I’m going to try now, I’ll stay a month trying and see what will happen and probably if it doesn’t work I’ll go to another new technique , thank you for reading and I’m sorry if I said something stupid, you can correct me or give me your opinion

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