Is WILD Hard Or Do We Make It Hard?

This is something I have been wondering about. When we are in an LD doing things in the dream is as hard as we make it. If you think it’s really hard to do something, from what I’ve read, it will be.

I was wondering if this is true with WILD. People are constantly saying WILD is hard, someone on IRC got me wondering when they said it could be imprinting on our subconscious. Thus making things hard. I think this could be why so many people find WILD hard, because they believe it to be!

I haven’t WILD-ed yet but I started getting somewhere when I started telling myself I could do this It was easy, and asking myself “What’s stopping me?” But I wondered what everyone else thought?

I disagree. I don’t know what everyone thinks, but when I first started WILD I found it difficult because I didn’t know what to expect. WILD is one of those things thats so hard to explain unless you experience it once. So when newbies think - I’m going to try WILD and get an LD, they immediatley think they will suddenly jump into the dream. Therefore, they won’t realize they have to worry about things like movement, SP, when to enter the dream and most importantly relaxation.They don’t think about stuff like HH and HI, and oversimplify it thinking they just see small pictures that quickly led to a dream.

As someone who used to try WILD, I don’t even I failed mostly at WILD because I found it difficult. I’ve gotten 2 WILDs, one of which wasn’t intentional :tongue:. I used autosuggestion a lot, meaning I told myself - ‘today is the night, where I will get a WILD!’ etc…

Also people have diffrent tastes, one might find WILD difficult and another might find it easy, yet both are able to get a WILD if they set their mind to it.

I think I somehow contradicted myself. =p

The only times i have experienced WILD it was very easy although it was a total accident, both times were the same morning and all i did was close my eyes.
Other times when i have intentionally tried it i has never worked… i think its because i keep my mind going with the expectation and can’t relax. So in that way maybe we do make it a little harder for ourselves. Plus what dragon said about other people saying its hard is right, i think it has a lot to do with what you believe as to weather or not its difficult.

In my experience, The times I actually succeeded, were easy, because at those times I was in a good state of mind. I concluded that WILD is easy when you’re in that state of mind. The difficult part would be to get into it. Those times I did it seemed to be quite accidental, I wake up at night and feel that I could maybe do it.

Every time I try to WILD I fall asleep about 30 mins after my body start to felt numb.

Basilus West ran an experiment on WILD vs DILD.
See results here [

Different people respond to different techniques. But on average people have more DILDs than WILDs.

The best time for WILD is in REM (Like all dreams duh) so like try a WBTB with the FILD or whatever you use and i garuntee (spelling?) you will have greatly improved recall of whatever you dreamt about, and after doing this everyday it becomes easy(My problem is styaing lucid)

I like WILD more than any other technique because it’s the most appealing :razz:

Off topic-had my first LD today, wasn’t even trying to. It was like 10 seconds long, then I fell asleep. I randomly remembered it after I woke up

Sometimes doing WILD is a breez, and other times its hard. Ive noticed that the times when its a breez that Im in a mind frame that makes it very easy. I just cant seem to catch this frame of mind. Its spontanious. I just tell myself how easy LDing is, and sure enough I have them. I dont even focus, or repeat a mantra, but I somehow stay aleart untill I fall asleep.