is WILD possible on regular "going to bed"?

hi there,

i tried WILD now some times but didnt get any good results…

what i wanted to know is: is WILD possible if i got to bed regurarly?
all i read about is using WILD in connection with WTBT and napping … but can i do WILD if i go to bed at … saying … 22:00 ?

thanks for answers, best regards

It is possible, but it would be very hard. REM sleep starts after 1.5 hours, and you have to either skip or conciously go through stage 4(delta sleep). With a WBTB you wake up close to or in an REM cycle which allows faster dreaming.

(This cycle is a general representation of brain activity during sleep, might be a little different with individual people. If interupted for a short period of time, this schedule continues).

Yeah, so basically you can, but then you must be able to stay aware until your first REM sleep. Ofcourse it will feel like just a few seconds sine you’re asleep.

I’d suggest simply taking a nap some time during the day. Sleep for an hour or two, this puts you closer to your REM sleep.

Yeah, WILDing when you first go to bed is insane. i get close after I listen to 20 minutes of lucid remixed cds. yet a few minutes ago i almost WILD’d in a car but had to get out when I saw my dreamscape…(DAMN!)

trying it at 3:00 in the morning or 2-4 in the afternoon is probibly the best, and remember, the more time you are awake, the harder it is the fall asleap.

If you interupt your sleep cycle it will continue from there the next time you sleep. So if you take a 90 minute nap in the middle of the day you will hopefully be set to REM sleep :smile:

I think I done it before, but it was really bad… A complete lack of vividity. It was kinda like TV with bad reception… and no sound.

As far as I know, when napping one does not go through delta sleep, naps have very light kinds of sleep with mainly REM…

ok … thanks for the answers :smile:
i think ill try it using wbtb or napping tomorrow :smile:

I did it once, at night when i went to bed.

i did it once but it wasn’t that good. :cry: :cry:

It’s scary the first time :content: