Consciousness and dreams

This is my view on this universe, our purpose in it, and it’s relation with LD’s. You should take from this what you believe is right.

I believe that understanding is the most important goal in life, because it will always lead to increased happiness. I see myself at the beginning of an intellectual and spiritual journey that will lead me there. Lucid dreams are another means for me to travel the road to truth. I want to use my dreams to increase my consciousnes to such a level that my mind stays awake when my body goes to sleep. I am far away from that goal at present, but that is okay because I am taking the right steps to get there.

My philosophy is that everything in the universe is connected. This planet may seem like a crazy place, but if you look at it with enough understanding you’ll that underneath all the falseness of modern society, it’s actually quite beautiful. It’s all in how you look at it, and there is no better way to look at anything then with complete understanding. For me, lucid dreams are not just a way to have fun, but a means to connect to my higher self, and to explore the wonders of the universe.

Consciousness and lucid dreams are intimately connected. The real reason that most people don’t have LD’s or even remember their dreams, is that their consciousness is so small. The remedy is to increase consciousness, and that can be done by increasing understanding.

Dream recall

After experimenting for a long time I believe I have found the two techniques that work best for inducing LD’s. The first technique is to simply write down your dreams. In order to become conscious in your dreams you must at least care enough to remember them. Much better is to give them a meaningful place in your life.


Dream recall is the first step. The second step is not just to become conscious of your dreams, but to become conscious in your dreams. The technique that works best for this is Image Streaming Induced Lucid Dreaming (ISILD). Image Streaming is the act of describing images that appear in your minds eye to another person or to a recording device. This technique is effective because it enables you to communicate directly with your subconscious, the area of your mind that is also responsible for dreams. Images are much more sensitive then words, and the act of describing them aloud reinforces you intention in a way that no other technique can.


  1. Pick up your tape recorder and image stream for at least ten minutes. The preferable time to do this is just before going to bed. This will reinforce your intention to have an LD even more.
  2. The second step is to state the dream you want to have as clearly as possible. Always use a direct, personal and positive sentence. ‘Tonight I will drive a speedboat to Brazil’ would be a good example. ‘Tonight I will drink a beer with some of my dream friends’ would be another.
  3. The third step is to describe the images that come into your mind’s eye aloud and to either another person or a recording device. A few rules apply to this process. They are described below.
  4. The fourth step is to simply go asleep.


  1. The first rule is that you should describe the images aloud and to either another person or a recorder. Having an external focus will increases the quality of both the images and your description of them.
  2. The second rule is that you should speak quickly and without judgement. Image streaming is an act of creation. You should defer judgement until a later time. The process is quite similair to brainstorming in this respect.
  3. The third rule is to always speak in sensory terms. You are trying to bring a part of your mind into focus that works in images and other senses. Abstract descriptions will have a negative effect.
  4. Don’t forget that the process of Image Streaming should always be fun and energetic. The right mindset is quite important for inducing a LD.


I hope this has been helpful. Again, my experience is that in order to get better at LD’s you should use them for obtaining greater understanding, and see them as intimately connected with consciousness itself. Combine that attitude with the power of ISILD and WILD, and you’re set for succes!


I so agree with u! about the conscious and the universe.
We share simillar goals, my goal is not just to be conscious my self but also bring conscious to others :smile:

Interesting topic!

Can you expand on this a bit? What do you mean by “understanding” exactly? Do you feel that if you completely understood Calculus, it would lead to increased happiness? Or do you have some other kind of understanding in mind?

Well, it took Mega Genius -one of the most intelligent individuals on this planet- a series of eight lectures each lasting about half an hour long to fully explain, but I’ll try. We live in an age where information is readily available. This may seem like a good thing, but more then 99 percent of all knowlegde is actually not worth knowing. Much of it is false, and the rest is of little value. Of all knowledge only wisdom is truly valuable, and it is wisdom that leads to true understanding.

So let’s take a look at your life.

Do you get along with your neighboors? Do you even know them at all? Do you have an idea what your local politicians are up to? Or do you assume that they know what’s best for you? Are you on track to reaching your life goals, or do you simply do your job and hope for the best? Do you have a plan for the future, or do you believe that life is what happens to you while you make plans? Do you know how to communicate to large groups of people? Or to evaluate a friendship? How is life treating you? Do you create your own luck, or do you see it as an uphill struggle?

You can be succesful in every area of life. The only thing that is holding you back is a lack of understanding. The universe is so much richer, so much more rewarding then most people realize. It’s time to wake up, and experience life!

I should probably add that I am not succesful in every one of the above areas. Rather I see myself standing at the beginning of a journey. But it will be an interesting voyage indeed!

I’ve never heard of Mega Genius before, but I found his web site. He sounds very interesting. I plan to explore more of his site, so thanks for mentioning him!

100% agreed. In this Information Age, if anything, we need to take extra measures to not become addicted to information, because so much of it is pointless in our lives.

I agree, but there’s one thing we should point out: wisdom is not always universal. What is significant to one person may have no relevance to another. For example, some people may not care at all who their neighbor is, and never meeting their neighbor would not lessen the quality of their life at all. But generally speaking, sure, our relationships with other people are extremely important and this includes our neighbors.

How? You don’t know me. :wink:

Just kidding with you. Kudos, bud.

So on this first step, are you image streaming just about what’s on your mind or are you specifically thinking about LD’s?

Both are okay, since the act of image streaming itself will build a connection between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind, thus increasing the chance of an LD.

Image streaming specifically on the LD you want will allow you to better plan your LD’s though :smile:

Alright, thanks for clearing this up for me, Solaris. I may give this a try in the near future…MILD hasn’t been working out for me lately.