issues: falling asleep realizings i'm lucid dreaming

I couldn’t really find an appropriate section for this because it’s focused on a mix of issues. So last night I went to bed around 12 and I couldn’t fall asleep. I look at the clock and it’s 1 in the morning and then it started to get hot and then it’s like those times where you keep waking up and it seems like you’ve been up the whole time. So after four or five in the morning I think I finally managed to fall asleep. When I woke back up, it was 10 in the morning but I couldn’t have a dream recall so I attempted to go back to sleep.

Here’s when I started to experience some issues. When I laid still, I slowly started to feel my body enter the sleeping state and being dreaming, a problem occurred two or three times before I could fall asleep: it sounded like war was going on in my ears, like star wars when the light sabers clash. Then, I realize that I’m running out of breath so I inhale and it’s like I wake up again but with my eyes closed. Like I said before, this happens a few more times before I could actually sleep.

So I successfully made it into the dream state and have the first lucid dream I could remember. Some questions/issues are how do you manage to stay in lucidity? I know the answers to that question but I just need some more because when I looked at my hands and they were glowing abnormally, I said out loud i’m dreaming. I plug my nose and I was still able to breath which was pretty awesome imo. But I had constant problems that I felt like I was waking up and couldn’t get 100% control of my dream. This is most likely because i’m inexperienced so I guess the main issue is what can I practice? I remember rubbing my hands, looking at them, smiling and plugging my nose but I still started to wake up. How do I stay more calm? And lastly, why do they seem so short? Can you make them go longer without disturbance?

To stay lucid or increase lucidity, you can rub your hands together, or you can spin around and tell yourself that your dreaming.

The length of LD’s just depends on your experience i guess, however i had my first LD 2 nights ago and it was for half of a dream

In Waking Life, if you question that you’re dreaming, rather than doing a reality check and stating whether your dreaming or not you should try taking a look at your emotions/feelings, and try to assert a “lucid” state in WL, Take a look at how your feeling, and ask yourself why you feel like that (due to a thought, your surroundings etc…) then try to control the feeling and become conscious or “lucid”.

When you can begin to control your emotions in real life, it makes it a lot easier to control yourself within a dream (lucid or not) because you can begin to remember the WL moment in which you controlled the current state, it doesn’t always lead to becoming lucid but can increase dream recall, vividness and chances of becoming lucid.

The first LD’s are almost always short :sad: It’s a matter of practice. The usual tips of spinning and rubbing hands help, but I’ve done those and still have short and low lucid LD’s :tongue: They should get longer and better with time. Try to experiment with yourself and pay attention. You way find your own technique for staying lucid. Practicing meditation and being aware can really help as well. Good luck!