Issues withReality Checks not working and cant recall dreams

Hi there. I havent been on the forum in awhile now so I dont know if the sites not active as its used to be. Anyway I have some questions to ask. I’ve been practicing reality checking for 2 weeks now and no improvement. Also got an app on my android phone to help me remind me to do them. I’ve been practicing and so far I havent done a RC in a single dream yet. And Im having issues with recalling my dreams. Can anyone tell me why I havent accomplished reality checking in my dreams yet? And can someone tell me any tips on how to recall my dreams better? If it helps I have insomnia so I dont know if thats the issue behind my lack of dream recall.If anyone can help Id appreciate it. :smile:

If you are having trouble recalling dreams how do you know that you haven’t done a RC in a dream?

Two weeks is quite a short time in my opinion for waking life ‘changes’ to filter into dreams.

To help with recall there is a quite short tutorial Improving Dream Recall

We do have a big insomnia topic [Issues withReality Checks not working and cant recall dreams) I made a summary of the first part in this post.

Finally, make sure you are really paying attention when doing RCs and expect them to tell you that you are dreaming. Also do more than one RC.

Above everything else, I will agree with moogle over the time frame you’re dealing with. Some people get instant feedback, and other people take years. It took me about a month for my first signs of lucidity. It just depends. Don’t worry, man. The more you worry, the more you just distract yourself from your own goals.

One thing I have done to increase dream recall is right before bed I write down what happened during the day starting from the time I woke up. I try to recall as much as possible and I write it on paper. I don’t know why this would help dream recall, but it has worked for me. A technique I use when reality checks won’t seem to show up in dreams is to do more than one, with the first RC being to recall what I have been doing and where I have been for about the last 2 hours. I hope this helps!