It Snowed Here Today

This morning it snowed here in Gloucestershire, which is in the top part of south west England. :happy:

But then the sun came out and it all melted! :sad:(

But it was nice to see it for that short time though. :smile:


We’re having snow as well…8 cm minimum (about 3 inch :wink: )
The view outside of my window is soo beautiful :happy:

:grrr: grrrrrrrrrrr it NEVER snows here…

or if it does, it snows hardly at all, just about enough to make a 3 foot snowman… ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

we have too much snow… and im really sick tired of it… And we usually have snow from november to april-may :grrr:

…we have so much snow here. and cold. unbelievable freezing. now it has been like -30 'c or something :eek: … believe me, it really is freezing!!
so all i can do now is just wait for the sweet sweet summer :cool:

I’m from Texas, and lately we’ve been seeing snow about one day a year. Kind of odd, really.

Amazing Jake

I lived in Austin,TX between 1980 and 1990 and it would snow deep every 7 years (I was there for two of them). It would totally freak everybody out! Everybody would drive so slow that it was sureal.It would then become an excuse for a major city wide party (it dosn’t take much in a college town anyway).I loved it!

Her in minnesota its been around 0 degrees but not much snow exept for today its constantly snowing the snow here is usually the worst from jan-feb :shy:

we have had lots of snow this winter season ! but lately its been warm outside so all of the snow melted :eek: