It will make 1 year and I think I am able to do a WILD

Ok , LDers. I need your help. As the title said, it will make 1 year and I didn’t even get 1 LD and I want one so much. I read a lot on the forum and in other places and I think I’ve learned very much on LD.
I had half-succeed a WILD many times but I don’t know why but I just can’t make it. So I’ll be really thankful if someone could share is own experience on that.

Hello dagto!

Yes you are able to do WILD, but, please explain what failed when you “half-succeed a WILD”. How far did you go?
We need to know that to help you.
Also, several members may also suggest you to try other techniques. Please explain why do you think they failed.

It took me around 14-15 months to have my first LD, so don’t worry. :smile:

It’s important that you don’t want LD’s too much, because that will just cause stress.
LD’s should always feel like something fun and exciting, and you also need to understand that it’s normal for LD’s to take some time.

Anyway, in order to succeed with WILD you can try being as aware as possible during the day, and really think about the experience you want to have in your next WILD.
Ask yourself this - what exactly do you want to experience in your LD’s?
Do you have any clear goals?
Make sure that you really feel genuinely excited when you think about those plans, and hold on to that excitement during your WILD attempts.

WILD is a hard technique. When I started out, I had lots of success with MILD. Only after several months I moved onto WILD, which wasn’t very successful at first. Maybe you should try MILD, or MILD + WBTB? These are good techniques for those who want to get some LD’s.

DEILD is also good, if you manage to keep calm after waking up from a dream. You can then simply re-enter it. It is some sort of simplified WILD. It works pretty good.

Lucid Living might also be a good choice. It requires lots of motivation, but if you put enough effort, you will succeed.

Also do RC’s throughout the day, especially during situations which often appear in a dream. Say you dream a lot dreams about dogs. In that case, RC whenever you see a dog IRL.

If you want to keep trying on WILD, tell us how far you’ve got and your experiences. I might try to give you some advice. :wink:

If you feel you have to diligence to keep trying wild then do it for another couple weeks. If that does not work I would suggest to take a break from lucid dreaming. This means don’t do anything lucid dreaming related for two to seven days.

Well thanks for all the reply.

I try WILD because MILD and DEILD don’t work and I think that WILD can be achieved by the will so yeah, I don’t know why but I am good with this technique anyway.

How far did I go ? Well, I get paralysed and then I see my vision crackling. I once heard a guy talking slowly to me. And I sometimes feel my brain being cold.
But after, I just remember nothing, I think that I fall asleep at this exact moment because I can’t see some props in my mind and nothing happened after my crackling vision.

I tried WILD every night and again and again :confused: but sometimes I just can’t fall asleep.

EDIT: I will try to have a goal, you told me that few months ago but I don’t know what goal can I have … I will search for it

If you have already succeeded in reaching SP, I would say that you are pretty near. Keep up your efforts then, and you should get a LD sooner or later. Also, if it works for you during SP, try rolling your dream body out of you bed, or try to sink into your bed etc. It might induce a dream on the spot.

Ok I got it but how can I have hypnagogic image ?

You don’t have to experience HI or HH. These are usually the effects of SP, but people have certainly experienced SP without HI or HH, it is not a requirement.

Oh ok I see, everything has to come from the mind, so ok I will follow what you are saying, thank you paulius.

Don’t depend too much on techniques, first of all you need to have the right attitude.
Lucid dreams should not be “very important” to the point that you “must” have them, they should be something exciting that you look forward to and something that you feel will enrich your life - don’t make it any more dramatic than that.
Basically, have a relaxed attitude to lucid dreaming, and treat it like a kind of hobby.
In fact, if you feel that it’s taking time you should even take a temporary break from the lucid dreams themselves, and focus more on dream recall and to develop a lucid mindset in real life.

The length of time it takes really does Just depend on who you are. The day before I had my first Conscious dream, I was riding downstate with my cousin and he was telling me all about this awesome conscious dream he had. I was really frustrated because he had gotten it in a month and it had taken me six. I was desperate. As it turned out, just being forced to re examine the topic over and over again during the day ended up entering my dreams. Do you have any support? any friends that are conscious dreamers too? Have a discussion with them About it. Who knows? Maybe it will end up working its way into your subconscious and then into your dreams. Just out of curiosity, how is your dream recall?

Thank you for sharing your experience Thequasar.
I don’t have support in my entourage even if I tried to talk about this with some friends but they all saying “yeah maybe I got one, I don’t know , who cares ?” So I just thought that I won’t force them to love LD.
I have a pretty good dream recall, for example I once succeed to remember 6 dreams during 1 night and I can remember 1 dream per nights even if sometimes I don’t write them on my Dream journal because they are not long enough not interesting etc… (I know that I shouldn’t do this but it’s hard to fight against)

But I am in the LD universe all day because I am trying to write down every dreams in my dream journal because I am late on my journal. (When I wake up I write every dreams I can remember and later I write all the story and the detail on my dream Journal so I write them twice, for example I can write on a paper “car” and after on the journal i write the whole story about that car). I am writing dreams that occur 3 months ago.

Exactly. But I would like to clear a few things for you dagto to understand things better.

First thing when you say that you start to feel SP, in like 99% of time it isn’t SP. Even though you may experience HH (sound, body sensation, image…) it isn’t SP. If you don’t trust me, try to move. You may say that it breaks when you try to move and yes, that’s correct but mostly people that experience real SP(not being able to move) while not dreaming/in REM sleep they can’t move first few seconds and usually they have a very vivid experience of this.

Second thing about WILD and making transitions and dreaming in general. Let’s say for the sake of the argument that we mostly(read “only”) dream in REM sleep. To enter REM sleep you need to fall asleep. Well, what it means exactly, fall asleep I don’t know… :tongue: But I’ve noticed that whenever I make a transition for a split second I lose consciousness so my guess is that’s what could be called falling asleep, if we assume that we keep awareness until finding ourselves in a dream…

So with this assumption that we need to fall asleep to dream therefore lucid dream, I started to experiment what would happened if I do fall asleep consciously. Many times I came to some point in WILD where nothing happened, I started to experience HH, mostly body sensations and after that nothing happened I just became more awake then when I was going to bed.

Then I decided that I will fall asleep in that moment and see what happens. And when I did that I lost consciousness for a second or what seemed a second and I was in a dream, lucid and conscious as I am now. At first I thought it was a coincidence and maybe luck, but after that night every WILD I achieved in that way…

I somewhat agree with dB_FTS about the 1-second-unconsciousness.
I don’t think I have ever succeeded a WILD where I was conscious 100% of the time. You kind of drift between being lucid and being non-lucid. That is what causes you to relax your mind and actually fall asleep effecticely. I wouldn’t call it losing conscious completely, but rather, putting your conscious in some kind of “hibernating” mode, to reveal itself when the dream starts. It’s a delicate method, and it’s hard to explain. You just kind of need to feel it yourself. Though, I don’t know if anyone else experienced that.

WOW it’s amazing ! I didn’t know it was like that !
Thank you dB_FTS, you are right about the SP, I feel my limbs being like cold and having a strange sensation but actually you are right, I can move them but I thought that was SP so sorry for the mistake.
Ok I will try what you are saying and even if nothing happened I will stay focus and decide to sleep. thank you.

But don’t keep your awareness to high because then you won’t be able to fall asleep. As you are approaching to body sensations or to the point where you feel like you need to fall asleep consciously you need to lose awareness linearly.

I may sound heavy but it takes a little patience and practice and it’s not hard at all…

Yeah, that’s the thing, it hard to explain the experience and therefore say what actually happens, but at the end it doesn’t matter…

For me, falling in LD is quite calm… I don’t really experience any HH, HI, HS and so on… Maximum effect I feel - sometimes losing connection to body (cant feel it anymore).

However, it asked me 5 months to get first LD dream using WILD… And it’s because i mostly did it wrong. Yesterday I found a new tutorial which stated things differently from tutorials found here. I tried WILD according to that new tutorial and suceeded WILD in first attempt, but lost connection when did a RC.

Things I did otherwise;

  1. When you have a scratch, scratch it and forget it. If you ignore it, it ruins your concentration. Scratches are not made by your mind.
  2. Almost every tutorial says that you have to sleep on back, with hands at sides. But, that tutorial said that you have to use that pose only for relaxation. Sleep in that pose for 20-30 minutes. When you don’t feel your body anymore, move in your regural sleep (mostly: ) position and start imagining the dream. Soon (happened for me after 5 mins) it will become real.
  3. Count your breath, not “1… im dreaming, 2… im dreaming”.
  4. it’s good if you have an noise (for example - computer fans) in your room, it may sound weird, but it strengthens the concentration, because you don’t hear a small distractions which makes you lose the concentration.
  5. Don’t drink coffe or alcohol, it will remove REM from your sleep

Agree with everything. That’s what I’m telling for some time, tutorials are to strict and to personal. You have to adjust one to your needs. Also sleeping position, what use of one in which you can’t fall asleep? Right? So try falling asleep in position you like because that’s the only way to achieve sleep. Saliva, scratches and other distractions you can neutralize and then continue with process because your body is so relaxed that you will continue where you stop before distraction in a matter of seconds or minutes…

lauris3722 gave me an article about WILD and how to succeed it, I didn’t read it all, I will tonight:
For the others who is interested in WILD.