It Worked For Me

This is how I got lucid:

I was up late reading through the Dream Control Training Course
I focused on the part that tells you to get in touch with your dream body to stay in the dream.

I went to bed to do a MILD technique of repeating,
“I Am Lucid Dreaming. When I am dreaming, I will know that I am dreaming. I Am Lucid Dreaming, I Am Lucid Dreaming, When I am dreaming, I will know that I am dreaming…”

So I became lucid in the dream. I was just doing something and then said to myself, “I Am Lucid Dreaming.” I then felt like I was almost going to wake up, but remembered to get in touch with my dream body. I remember how I liked how I remembered what I read in the dream Control Training Course! My lucid dream was great.

btw, my DJ is super Not up to date.

Hi Six, funny how you discovered last night what works for you. I had tried that as well, but with no success.
A while back when I had a lucid dream every three days I did WBTB and stayed up for at least an hour. Then I got to a point that I couldn’t fall asleep anymore after having been up for an hour, so I started playing with the time and stayed up less long. I guess that doesn’t work for me.
I found out last night what works for me as well!
After a whole month of not being lucid I was lucid last night after having been up for an hour. I guess that I need to wake up after no more then 4 or 4 1/2 hours of sleep, and really get to a point of being wide awake and not tired to getting tired again before crawling back into bed. The hard part is forcing myself to get up after only 4 hours of sleep, and convincing my mind that I wish to be lucid. Haha, fighting with myself. Must have a split personality :eh:

Wow! KauaiDreamer. This is really cool. I too hadn’t been lucid in a about a month. and also WBTB used to be my Main Thing. I still do it, but now I feel that MILD is mandatory for me. So we are like backwards, but with the same experience.
I was thinking that maybe we have been affected by the New Moon that just passed in Leo/Virgo these past 2-3 days. (The Moon is still just a sliver in the sky as I speak. :wink: ) Well I am a bit crazy about astrology :peek: For my experience I know that planet positions can even affect your types of dreaming.

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