Itching while Lucid

I have read quite a few about itches while WILD but not after while you are in the dream so I wanna ask here.
In the last few years, I had quite often the issue that my lucid dreams ended with an itch.
I basically am lucid for a few minutes and then I start feeling an itch in an arm or leg. Then I basically try to fight it and stay lucid in my dream but at the end I often just move and scratch my arm/leg. This being the end of my lucid dream…

Does anyone also experience this? Do you have tips on how to make the itch stop?

You are probably itchy in real life. Maybe your bed has bed bugs?

ive never had this problem specifically with itches, but ive had problems where some real life distraction gets into my lucid dream once or twice for whatever reason, and then in future dreams i psych myself out worrying its going to happen and then manifesting the worry in my dream, waking myself up or causing an fa when in fact there was no real life distraction this time.

my best advice would be to assume your itch is a trick of your mind to try to wake you up, and know it will go away if you absolutely ignore it. the more you fight the itch the more you make it real in your head. maybe try focusing on other sensations, like the feel, taste, or sound of something in the dream.

you can also try a more exfoliating shower scrub, moisturizing, and sleeping naked under fancy silk sheets :smile:

Well I tried to ignore it in the last few times but it s quite strong and even without moving, sometimes it just gets me totally out of the dream to the point when I think “well now I m awake, I might as well scratch myself already…”

But I really like the idea to focus on other sensations. Maybe trying to feel a taste or something would work. Or maybe I should try to find other ways against itches in general

maybe you can summon a magic anti-itch potion in the dream!

Omg that s an amazing idea! I ll definitely try this. The issue would be to be quick enough to drink it before it starts being too strong :smile:

Well I had it again last night. It started to be really itching and I decided to ignore it and to try a healing potion. Unfortunately the itch kept going and the healing potion was really hard to feel because I was losing lucidity.
Eventually the itch disappeared and I wasn t awake. I wasn t really dreaming anymore either and didn t manage to reenter the dream. I lost lucidity and kept sleeping.
Well it was a nice try I guess I ll try again and maybe next time I ll manage to stay in the dream.

im impressed that you managed to try it so soon! interesting to hear the results.

maybe a combo anti itch and lucidity potion 🤔

if dayquil can be combo cough surpressent and anti drowsy, then combo anti itch and lucidity should work just as well! in fact the more i think about it the more like dayquil it is. i call it… dreamquil!

Well I just read that Dayquil is working for 4 hours. So it might not work when I LD at 7am. And as my Lucidity is quite unregular I don t think I ll try medicin 2 days a week (I LD mostly on WE).

But anyway I m coughing and got a cold last week so I ll try, thanks for the tip :wink:

gets confused :spinning: she meant use “dreamquil” (combo anti-itch and lucidity) in the LD

Haha I didn’t know dayquill and after reading about it, I got confused about the post :happy:
Yeah well I would still need dayquil as well for my cough, too bad if it doesn t help with the lucidity :content:

So probably I will use a double Combo Dreamquill + Dayquill :happy:

hehehe i was confused for a moment too, but thats totally something i would do. once i start reading about something its easy to get distracted :smile:

i hope both the dayquil and the dreamquil work for you! :content:

I also Itch when I’m trying to Lucid, I think it’s our brain checking if we are asleep or not. I read it somewhere and it make sense.

I have also problems with the itching. The healing potion is a great idea thank you

you can summon a magic anti-itch potion