itchy legs when trying to sleep.gets worse when concentratng

When I try to sleep I get itchy legs. (yes, you can laugh, but I am serious). Sometimes my legs jerk. When I focus on something like concentrate on breathing or on my heartbeat or do a mantra it gets worse. When i stop it gets bearable again, or at least it will take a while before I can get to sleep.

anyone knows why it gets worse when concentrating on something? a remedy would be welcome.

I get that too. very annoying, It feels like i’m being tickled :tongue:

I’ve heard that you just have to live with it, and that after awhile it’ll just go away…that’s what i learn when i studied Astral Projetion anyway :cool:

happens wid me too,it just finishes my concentration.

it sounds a bit like the restless legs syndrome. I have it too sometimes, but in my case it’s more like a pain, and i have to move my legs otherwise it becomes unbearable.

i found this wikipedia article on it:

aha. so maybe if I pick up on yoga again or start running again it might help.


i somewhere read that during WILD your body wants to see if you are really sleeping and thats why that might happen just a thougt

Yes, at times I also get pain in my legs. Its one if those frustrating must-move-to-get-rid-of-it pains. If that makes sense. :eek:

[color=darkblue]Yes. One itch can ruin everything when trying to WILD since you are meant to lie very still. Can be frustrating! I think you itch more when you are less relaxed.

I also get the jolts in the leg. If you manage to bypass that, you will start to feel numb. You are not too far off, keep trying![/color]

I saw the subject heading and immediately thought Restless Legs Syndrome, as pasQuale said. You should look into it with a doctor, I think.

I imagine restless leg syndrom must feel like driving in a car for a long time, and feeling the urge to strech your legs?

I’ve got RLS it’s a real pain, expecially when I want to WILD. I had to give up with it in the end and go into MILD and DILD because i just couldn’t cope with staying still.

[color=darkblue]Can RLS be alleviated by cycling or walking more during the day? I don’t think I have RLS but then every little thing that can be of minor annoyance to someone gets a label these days.

I notice, I fidget much less and sleep much better if I do maybe an hour or so on an exercise bike a few hours before bed or have done more throughout the day.

Also, don’t eat a large meal before bed either as this is supposed to make you restless.

I don’t know if it is related to the condition but worth a try…[/color]

Got the itchy legs aswell, go a little further then the point when you think you need to move or scratch and it will dissapear. Just totally ignore it and go on with what youre doing. (unless its scratching)

I used to get that feeling a lot before, it would beso bad just sitting down would cause it. Thenover time I got used to it and ignored it. It evenfelt more relaxing when I ignored the strange feeling. But now that you brought my mind back to the subject, I’ve moved my legs about 8times while reading it. :razz: Now I have to start off with ignoring again. Well anyway I’m not angry at you, don’t worry. :smile: