its been a while.

i last posted in december '03, started a dream jurnal, and was going lucid almost every night, then other personal issues got in the way, and i just lost the nack. I didnt forget how, or that i could, but reality checks became rarer and rarer and things just cam to a halt. a few weeks ago i made a bit of effort over a few days and within 2, had my 1st lucid dream in over half a year. It just wasnt like before, it wasnt amazing any more. I think ive just lost heart. My (physical) movement allways seems restricted… and this bugs me no end, i can spin, i can creat new objects del blah de blah. Now… ive got some information for anyone concerned with entering a lucid dream from a Night Terror/Sleep Paralysis, and i have a request. For the latter, can anyone point me in the direction of a good bittorrent site for books (spoken or not) on lucid dreaming, particularly the cool stuff (The Path: A Practical Approach to Sorcery) stuff like that… would be very nice. Now, heres the info (please dont edit this admin, as i have experemented MANY times, off and on, and am 100% sure that i am correct). Taking exstacy (MDMA) in lager than normal doses, e.g. 4 pills, not the usuall 2 etc, induces night terrors (sp) 2 to 3 days after in allmost all the people that have been involved (not many…) but its not diet, its not herbs, del blah de blah, its definate, and constant. Exstacy induces night terrors. period. O_o

Good luck finding joy in lucidity again. That’s very interesting about how Exstacy induces night terrors. Some people I know that have abused Exstacy seem to lose their joy of life … not just lucidity. I feel like Exstacy abuses your mechanics to joy and happpiness … and some seem to lose the general joy that hobbies or task can bring them.
Do you think exstacy might have reduced the excitement that LDs can bring?

You probably haven’t seen the wikibook. It’s a free (and Free) book which anybody can instantly edit. It’s linked to in my signature. There’s also a sticky thread in the Lounge about it.

Obviously, everybody be careful when overdosing. In fact, I suggest you don’t.

As great as the lucid dreaming wiki is … what does it have to with this topic about losing the excitement to LD? and exstacy causing night terrors?
I tried looking over the wiki, but does it actually address this stuff?

Oh yeah, I just noticed: looks like you’re looking for supernatural stuff. The wikibook is, um, extremely thin on that.

No, the wikibook as nothing on neither ecstasy nor night terrors.

Oh yes… why do you want night terrors?

BenzoHz For a book: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming By Stephen LaBerge.

If you are wanting a tech to get you started, i highly recommend you using the tech that Basilus_West posted.

[Castaneda's technique : looking at your hands)

Ive gotten an LD every time i use this, and i was just on a dryspell!

thanks for the replys, i suppose i didnt want to disclose to much personal information, that was selfish and i apologise. thanks for the links, i have Stephen Laberge’s book by my bedside (its been there since just after christmas) and i now have the sorcery book on order. 1 LD since the post too, wasnt this hard before, but its worth it, will check out the wiki.

Im sure the abuse of extacy for prolonged periods reduces (if not removes) the joy from hobbies/interests, i had been abusing extacy for many years before i discovered what lucid dreaming was, i am definatly not trying to insite the use or abuse of extacy, infact im pretty sure i cant even spell the word, and would not wish (looking back) the state the drug left me in on my worst enemy. the point was that i could make an absolute connection between taking exstacy and having night terrors, or what most would call sleep paralysis. And, found this interesting because i have found my own night terrors/sleep paralysis a simple gateway to lucidity. bare in mind who ever reads this, if anyone. I now take ten prescribed tablets per day, one of which is for the stomach damage caused by the prolonged abuse of extacy, i have no other physical problems. do the math.

uh…are you benzoHz and just have a new username…or did you post in the wrong area…

I re registered as eggs, i use that alias in irc, props to me for being lazy and not checking in my profle! (how do i do a nervous laugh type smiley :content:)