Its Neo....or is it? *VOTE NOW*

Ok as you can read in my sig, im really annoyed that people think my name is for or from the Matrix :confused:neaksneak: . Its not, i like the Matrix, but i liked my name cuz it was origanal. Anyways i couldnt figure out how to do a poll :smile: so um…ill just list some possible names and you guys vote!

  1. Stay Neo!
  2. Dude
  3. Anti
  4. Agnostic (kinda spin-off of Atheist)
  5. Namaste (Idian word)
  6. Other (Give your own suggestion.

From people in the chat I have one vote for Anti, and two others for stay Neo.
So, post your vote, comments, and/or thoughts!

EDIT: 5. Namaste (INDIAN (with a N) word)

Other is good:)

neo isn’t that from the matrix? :wink:

yeah other is good… Litterally “other” :cool:

lol k 2 votes for Other, 2 votes for stay Neo, and one for Anti

I like Neo the best. I think it’s cute and it fits you. It makes me think of Neo pets. :smile:

I vote for number eight hundred seventy-four, damnit, sonny, now get me mah damn snake juice!

With a growing urge to deform your goat,


I’m voting for nro. 6. Not literally “other”, but nick “Lihis”. So “Lihis” it is.

Hmm, I officialy vote for “Other”

Some of my suggestions are;
Connection Interuppted

Thats all I can think of, and I know most are just computer stuff :smile:

Howabout you add Neo to the front of another name you like? Then you could have the best of both worlds. :slight_smile: (NeoDude? :))

Neo.I like that name.If you like it you should keep it.You can’t imagine how many times someone asked about my name.Well…once,but I know what some people on this board may be thinking.

If it really bothers you you should add Neo to whatever name you decide to get,like Shade suggested.

Of course,sometimes it’s fun to play along: :roll::cool:

I vote for “TheOtherNeo” :tongue:


you should ask pasquale (sp?) if she can change your name of the current account, that way you keep your original joined date and post count :smile:

only admin can do it though :smile:

Nope, you can do it yourself in your profile. Just type a different name and there you are.

Neo i think you should stay yourself and not choose a name on what others think you should call yourself.

:cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: Lihis as a Lihapiirakka…? nice one… and yea, i like the Other too… literally Other…

hmm… pasQuale did make a good point…and i do like the name Neo…maybe TheOtherNeo…maybe just neo…yes ill have to reconsider :bored:

I vote for TheOtherNeo, It sort of explains everything :partying_face:

I think u should change it to “TheOtheNeo” :slight_smile:

ok after a LONG while…i kinda forgot :bored: … i think i’ll be TheOtherNeo for like maybe a month, until people forget bout the matrix, then change it back.

“TheOtherNeo” sounds good to me !^_~ I dont think u should change it back to the noraml Neo because ppl are going to think of u as the matrix Neo in a couple of months anyways :confused: The 3rd part comes out in november !

True Kat, true… hmm maybe like in a year then :bored: