It's with a heavy heart i have to do this........

But sadly my time at this forum has come to an end.

Or to be more accurate my time on the internet, as some of you may know i am no longer in work and have no money to pay for the sweet things in life, i already owe my dad over £900.

So i feel it is best to cut some costs and get rid of the things that i can do without. As soon as i have money coming in again and i have paid off my debts I will be back this i promise.

I have also puta page up on my site as to why i am leaving You can read it here

Good Bye all - it’s been fun.

Sorry, I knew it from the first sentence. That was awful.

sadly however everything in the post is true.

ugh, there’s always gotta be someone… :smile:

What’s with the link then?

Awww, I felt so bad and then this site… pffft. :smile:

but I would seriously missing Dark Matter’s presence if he actually has to leave.

I’m glad that it’s just… :smile:

That was funny. Good excuses.


That was a perfect April Fool’s Day prank, Dark Matter. As soon as I read the title of the post I thought you would seriously be leaving. :happy:

points and laughs at dark matter HAHA!
i read this at 6:32 pm my time so your the fool :tongue:

:cry: :cry: :sad: awww, how sad. :sad:

Thanks for taking the time to explain it with the provided URL. :neutral:

Haha! good one! :rofl: I’m so dumb I’ve gotten fooled about 100 times today.

wow if i didnt go back and clicked the link I would have droned on how some librarys have the internet and blah blah blah blah blah…
but i didnt…
good joke

lol could’ve fooled me if it didn’t automatically scroll down to the latest post… damn party poopers. Great prank though! :smile:

ACtually, the rules are that if the joke is set up before midday then it still counts. So YOU’RE THE FOOL.

And so am I.


OK, this one fooled me. So have you really run out of money, or have they stopped you from getting on the internet? :tongue:

Awwww man you made me feel bad for a moment Dark Matter :tongue: Hehe didn’t see that one coming. Good one indeed! :lol:
Already three April fools on this forum… I wonder if we missed any :peek:

Oh I knew that was coming! I just knew there was going to be SOMEONE who would ‘leave the forum’
I’m reading this late though so when I saw the topic heading I was like ‘woah, I hope he wrote that on April 1st!’

:eek: Well u lucky i not know where u live i come over and abuse u for that :razz: :tongue:

oh spit… :eh: