Ive been having trouble...

Hi ive been having trouble keeping myself in the lucid state.
What happens is that when wake up in a LD i become scared and shut my eyes and then find myself woken up and panting.
So could someone please help me concour this.

Hi bradley.

First, dont be scared, there’s no reason to be. Make sure you tell yourself so and convince yourself of it! Second, do not close your eyes, that often results in premature awakening. Really try to stay calm in your next LD, and use a technique to stay in the dream (rubbing hands works very good for me). Then explore a bit around and remember there’s no need to be scared in a LD! Good luck.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

Don’t worry this is something that happens to everyone at first and we all overcame it. It just takes some time and more practice. When you first become lucid try to stay calm and don’t rush into things. Just look around for a minute to get your bearings. Then use one of the prolonging methods like rubbing your hands together, spinning or grabbing hold of something in the dream. That should help you from waking up.

Like Xetrov said above don’t close your eyes. That almost always wakes me up. But if you do close your eyes don’t open them again. Instead just see through your eyelids. You will see the dream come back.

Happy Dreaming and congratulations on your lucid dreams.

Interesting, I’m a chicken lying in my bed in the basement all alone, but when I’m alone in the basement in an LD and weird things are happening, I’m totally cool. I do have a certain fear of opening a door to the next room, which is why I’ve never explored my dreams, and why I always try to ascend through the ceiling (instead of walking through the hall, upstairs, etc) which makes me wake up cos I’m not prepared to fly. So next time, I’m going to open the door!

Definitely, before anything, stabilize the dream. Last night I rubbed my hands which made the dream last 2 minutes+ instead of 10 seconds (I used to be so excited once I realized I was dreaming I’d just do something crazy like jump out windows or whatever which leads to premature awakening)

Don’t be afraid though. I know I still have to work on it (it’s just I’m afraid of opening the door and something standing there) but I’ve come up with “The R’s” that you can use when becoming lucid (I use this as the foundation to my mantra when MILD-ing:

  1. Realize you’re dreaming!
  2. Rub hands
  3. Remain calm
  4. Reassure you have control
  5. Remember you’re dreaming
  6. Repeat at 2!

Thats what happens to me i scared of what i might see if i open my bedroom door so i just close my eyes.
Thanks a lot!!!

Thank you ever so much. Im really grateful.