Ive Been Told i Lucid Dream

this morning, i had about 3 dreams where i knew i was dreaming and didnt wake up. however, thats only half of it. i could also control my body(not in the dream, my real physical body). i could feel myself doing it in the dream. when i asked some people on another forum about it, they said i was a lucid dreamer. but im not 100% sure. could someone tell me if its real or legit?

heres the topic where they told me about it:
halomods.com/forums/viewtopi … 959#222959

are you absolutely sure you’re controlling your real body? Had any cases of sleepwalking in the past?

It definitely sounds like you’re lucid dreaming, but it’s difficult to know you’re controlling your real body without significant movement or someone watching.

It’s probably perfectly possible if you don’t get fully paralysed from SP (which normally happens every night)

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When you are dreaming and aware you’re dreaming, it’s called a lucid dream. So, you were lucid dreaming. :smile:

What is strange though is when you say you were controlling your real physical body through your dream. :eek:

Generally speaking, most of dreams occur during the REM (Rapid Eyes Movements) sleep phase, during which the body is paralyzed, in order to prevent us of acting our dreams.

This night, I had a lucid dream in which I was aware of my body (it happens sometimes) and I feel like I was sleeping on the back. But when I woke up, I was sleeping on the belly! That’s why I suppose you were dreaming your body sensations too.

Yeah, makes me think of WILDing when it feels like my body is being tossed around and bent in half, twisted etc. Sure feels like it. Sometimes if I wake up sloooowly from an LD I’ll gain conciousness first, open my eyes and will be looking at the pillow, and be like “What position am I in?!” cos I have no clue where my hands/legs are. It feels like I’m in a certain position, but then once I actually move them it’s completely different. Many a time I’ve said out loud “So there you are!” to my arms after finally realizing where they were. But! It is definitely possible to feel your physical body in a dream, but I wouldn’t take the moving it for granted. … although I remember when I was little I had a dream a found a dollar and pinched it really hard (maybe it was a lucid dream…) cos I knew I was going to wake up and when I woke up, I had my thumb pressed to my index finger. :eh:

ive never slept walked before. i knew exactly what i was doing, tho, because i was controlling it. i, in my dream, closed my eyes, somehow didnt wake up, and focused on what i was doing. i was actually trying to wake myself up for my soccer game. a couple times i just twitched, but other times this morning i sat up, laid back down, moved my arms, and rolled over. i knew the whole time i was dreaming, but once i started realizing i was controlling myself, i was kinda like “whoa” and woke up. i was in the same position that i “controlled” myself into.

Hi FAdu09, welcome to the forum.

I agree with what has been said here, but I want to add that sometimes when you have a LD, this can happen in nREM (where you are less or totally not in SP). Mostly when this happens, this is very close to the waking state. It’s not uncommon that you can somewhat stay in the dream then, and that your physical body responds to the actions you do with your dream body in the (lucid) dream. So, for example if you imagine yourself sitting up in the dream, it can happen IRL too, so that you wake up sitting in your bed. But, to be sure, I agree that someone should have been watching you, because as said here, it is very well also possible that most (or even everything) that happend was only happening in the dream. Don’t forget that during a dream, our minds are incredibly good at recreating ANY situation you might come to think of…

There are lots of times that I’d fall into HI and be dreaming about exercising, and wake up because I’m literally shrugging my shoulders or flexing my pecs. Just last night I had a dream that I grabbed onto this sheet covering a car and was about to yank it off to unveil it, but as I jerked my arm in the dream to start the movement, my real arm (same arm even!) jerked a bit. I knew this because it popped even!

it happened again last night, only i couldnt control my body this time

i had a experience where i was alseep in a chair
and dreaming about playing soccer
during the dream i kicked the ball and kicked the chair in real life waking me up