I've concluded this!!!

I found a way to become lucid fast, and it’s easy for beginners. Although if your really really new it won’t work, It will help your imagry and such, but anyways.

 Now I found out what you have to do, you have to be rather tired, before you go to sleep or something. The object is to get really bored, and sit in a chair. You shouldn't have socks or heavy clothes on. You also should be cold. Being bored and all you can do is sleep, tilt your head forward and sleep. But have something to be focused on, say to yourself, I have to wake up soon to go to my real bed.

  Then when you fall asleep, if you do it right you will wake up, because of being uncomfortable. You will notice you were dreaming, otherwise if you don't remeber a dream, go to bed in your real bed. Otherwise continue the expirement. Now go back to sleep, but this time note it that you will relize it. If it doesn't work keep doing it, you will get more tired and more tired, and you will finally figure you are sleeping and become lucid. Although it works well, you will wake up constanting even if you are LDing.

Cheers! And tell me your results. I hope you like this technique. I think I will call it MST Or Multi sleeping technique.

Wouldn’t it work better if you did the first part of the experiment, woke up and then went to bed? Well, maybe for me, at least. I’ll try it out tonight.

That technique sounds like a great shortcut to me. Rifat’s method was to wake up at 4AM or whatever and then go back to sleep, etc. However, I don’t know how motivated I would be at that hour.

Well hopefully there are some positive results in this. You can do it at anytime of the day BTW.

Also two can be combined way that suits you-
sleep some time(i.e 6 hrs) in bed and then move on to the armchair for the rest.Sleep should come easily despite uncomfy conditions.
…or start on the armchair

ps.or sleep on the armchair,wake up,eat some cheese,go sleeping on the couch,wake up,have some ginko drink,go sleeping in the car,wake up,have a mint tea,go sleep in the bed(if its not afternoon yet:)

Is it mandatory for one to wake up while having a dream and remember that dream, to be successfull in the second part of the experiment?

Jack that sounds like a whole new technique I’ve never heard of. All I’m saying is what I did works. Uncomfortable and cold, so you wake up. Some people go to sleep and can’t wake up, and this is perfect for them. It also gives you a chance to try again and again and again. Sorta like two weeks of trying to ld in two hours.

Thats an excelent idea, Im going to try it as soon as possible. :happy:

I think could lay your head on a table or desk and have the same effect.

Redifin:)I also think its the idea worth trying.Methods based on uncomfortable positions/conditions pop up from time to time and they seem to work quite well. It propably has to do with our minds being more aware(some part of the brain is active to “control” body position preventing us to get hurt).
This is what i meant in first part of my post.Post scriptum was bit ironic only to point out that overdoing it might be a hassle:)
If it came out negatively it wasnt my intention at all:)
good luck!:slight_smile:

Nothing negative Jack! Didn’t understand what you were saying.

i dnt really get your technique.

first u go to sleep in a chair then u go to sleep in a bed?

“But have something to be focused on, say to yourself, I have to wake up soon to go to my real bed.”
Divine Truth proclaimed! You made me agree out loud!

you don’t need to tilt your head forward, if you have a decent level of energy you can enter a dream while sitting up with the head up
i know because one day i had sleepy meditations for about 2 hours and at parts of them i’d feel my eyes go into REM and i’d start to look into a dream, but then come abruptly out.

guessing the head falls forward only if you are going into delta / theta ?

i would say this is best as a WBTB because i often meditate before going to sleep, and when i fall asleep 5 or 6 times during meditation ( i do not sleep deeply at first…) then i say “okay forget it” and go lie down.

This reminds me of Salvador Dali’s method. But his way to wake up what to hold a spoon over a plate, so that when he fell asleep, he would drop it and it would make a loud sound and wake him up. I’m not sure about the rest of his technique or what it lead to, but I’m pretty sure it was for lucid dreaming. But I think it was a sort of program that you gradually advance in. Anyway, you can use his spoon trick in your technique if you find that you don’t wake up using the technique as it is.

Haha, I personally don’t think this would work for me. I have insomnia as is. But others may be able to do it. I am usually the most successful with a simple, emotionally charged affirmation.

hey nice idea i shud try it sometime! actually i will this coming week i have winter break soo yeah… thanks

I’ll try this tonight! :happy:

If you want to get rid of your insomnia, you should try this: stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/0 … rly-riser/

that sounds clever and like it would work for me… I’ll try tonite!!!

Kay, so i totally forgot to try it… o.o my bad, i ended up sleeping
on my friends couch last night. But I’ll remember to try it tonite tho…haha, as if i forgot…

I will try this…
But the bad part is that i never feel cold :sad:

you dont have to be cold, just very uncomfortable, and very tired. So you when you try to sleep you wake up thirty minutes later. Perfect time to have a dream. So when you wake up the first few times you know you’ll be dreaming soon. You become more aware…

Any results out there?