Ive done It!!!

I finally had my first and second lucid dreams last nite. First one : i was i nmy living room and i go to my comp to do somethin(i dunno what) so i think to myself " Hey my comps messed up i could be dreaming, nah my comp is always screwey" so then i go into my moms room which was really differnt (but it seemed normal) and i t ry the lightswitch - it does not work. so to make sure i try it with another lamp (big mistake) the lamp sparks all over the place so i think “if im dreaming then i can spit out water” so i spit on the floor and i spit out grey stuff. so i go to my living room and say to my mom “im dreaming i know i am” then my mom said " yep u are" at that point i got really excitied and it got hazy so i looked at my hands and spun aroud IT WORKED so i said to my grandparents (who live in maine while im in massachusetts) “look what i can do” and i fly up to the ceiling (i have an 82in. ceiling) and im at the door and i dont want to turn around and fly down that way so i just fall flat on my face.(it didnt hurt!!!) then i run out side (huge yard!) and it ends. second dream: i am a 18 or 17 yr.old and i am in a gta3 kinda world. i take MY (not stolen) car to my girlfriend’s apartment (yes its my crush) and we hang out (maybe a little more than hang out you know what boyfriends and girlfriends do NOT S*X) for a little while and i ask her if im dreaming and she says yes. then i go to the school and raid their fridge with my friends and this bi**h of a teacher busts us we get off with a warning. then i try to jack a nice car with a gang member. i try to do a gang mission and i got WASTED too bad! anyway thats when it fades away.

I wish i had the gta3 dream. Must have been so cool to be playin gta3 or a sorta playin it. At the poll how long did take you to start lucid dreaming by me you should select the one that best discribes how long it took. Downloadmaster when your done with your post fix the mistaks it was sorta hard to read. I know you wanted it down quick its your first lucid dream and all.

hey rush ill tell u all about it i still cant belive that u had ur first lucid dream b4 me! it took me 1 or 2 weeks.


Two weeks you say? Is that since you found out about LDing? What techniques did you use?


One of the surest signs that you are dreaming is that light switches don’t work. Heck, any ELECTRICAL appliance won’t work the way it should… watches, telephones, computers, etc. If you can keep this in mind when you dream, it will trigger you to become lucid!

it took me 2 weeks and i tried the realilaty checks thing and i read a lot about it

Well done, there is nothing like that rush of excitement you get when you first say “Im dreaming”. Hopefully many more to come.