I've finally found my path

Hey all,

Just wanted to share what I discovered a couple months ago as it may help others on their journey…

It came to me that I have been spending over 20 years researching everything and anything considered to be spiritual, supernatural or esoteric since my awakening in 2001. Yet, I’ve never had a mentor or teacher to guide me! It’s extremely hard to find a guru in western civilization unless you join a church, cult or monastery.

So I came to a realization that I am my own teacher and mentor! I’ve always just gone with what resonates as truth when reading and researching, only picking what corresponds to things I’ve already experienced in the past as truth. I started to see just how much I look inwards, into my inner self for answers and truth which I’ve been doing for many years without really knowing it. I also started to discover that this whole inner self teaching thing, is what many philosophers and teachers have hinted at throughout history - to know thyself!

Here are some examples:
Lao Tzu - “Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power”
Aristotle - “Mastering yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”
Socrates - “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”
Pythagoras - “Man know thyself, then thou shalt know the universe and God”
Confucius - “What the undeveloped man seeks is outside, what the advanced man seeks is within himself”

Not to mention…
Jesus Christ “The kingdom of God is within…”

I’ve also spent many years doing consistent meditation and believe I’ve reached what buddhists term “Samadhi” a number of times. So it became very clear to me that my inner self is the most important aspect to develop. Afterall, you only experience things through the perception of your self, and through deep meditation discovered that my self, the self, goes beyond all time and space, all reality, all dimensions, all form, everything to ever exist. At a very deep and core level, the self exists eternally as “I AM” and anything else we experience is just an extension from that point of perception, as though all reality is just added on top from the point of “I EXIST” or “I AM”. We are constantly perceiving a reality around us, but when we stop and sit in silence just observing, we begin to notice the deeper thread of just pure existence as self.

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That is great to hear!


I suppose there may indeed be some people who not only can fit into a broader system or structure, but who need and rely on those external guidelines and restrictions to be themselves, and who are that way for their entire lives and that’s just the way they’re going to be in this lifetime. That’s all well and good, and no shadiness to them.

Some people need to individuate, whether it’s realizing that they never can “fit in” to the preexisting structures and systems because their inner guidance (Socrates called it the daemon) is too loud and strange, or whether it’s having thoroughly explored so many different and contradictory systems that it gives a hodgepodge foundation with parts that a person can’t simply let go of even if it doesn’t fit in with the other stuff, or a combination, or something else.

Cheers to you for finding your path!

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Cheers! I’ll drink to that.