ive finally got my perfect technique

and its WBTB and of all of them id thought it would’ve been the last one for me. anyway ive now had 2 LD’s in a space of 3 days (last nights was very vivid). but ive also found out something else, something you all would of thought was very backward. OK. most of you say the main problem you cant LD is becuasde you cant stay focused and you let your mind wonder too much, well if it wasnt for me letting my mind wonder free i never would have done it,(it helps me get to sleep a lot easier and a lot quicker). so there you go. thanks guys for all your support along the way. im thrilled :smile: :content: :happy: :cool_laugh: :grin: :tongue: :wink: :wiske: :content: :happy: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: .

goals for futre LD’s:
1.fly real good and proper
2.drive (im 13 and havent yet)
3.do an RC(yes ive never done one in my life(it all comes naturally)) id love to see whats its like to see your hands/fett all wavy and the clock going mad etc.

2 LDs in 3 days is awesome :smile: Congrats for finding your technique, and good luck with your goals :grin:

thanks for that,also i forgot to say the first one in the week was 5-10 seconds and the second was 10-15 (making progress) :wink:

That only counts for WILD. I dont think anyone said otherwise.

i was almost sure it counted for mild also? wild and mild being the most popular techniques

No, with MILD, you repeat a mantra and visualise yourself becomming lucid, for 10 - 15 minutes. Then, just go to sleep and let your mind ¨wonder¨ ahead.