i've found my lucid dream sign. now what?

ok, so i figured out what is in pretty much all my dreams now what. like i know your supposed to do reality checks when ever you see it but mines a little hard. My dream signs is video g ames. more like being in a video game. its like every night, i have atleast one dream about me having to complete this task. there is monsters there. its a video game. so how am i supposed to relate this to doing reality checks?

Do you play video games IRL?
If yes, then simply do a RC every time you realise you’re playing a video game, or every time you start playing a video game (IRL). Probably, the reason why you’re dreaming about video games a lot is because your playing video games IRL often. Now, if you do a RC every time you play a game IRL you will eventually dream of doing a RC in a video game, or while playing a video game.
Remember! The key is to actually ask yourself are you dreaming even if you are 100% sure you’re not.

What are you gonna do if conversations about lucid dreams are your dreamsigns?
I’ve noticed that almost every single dream I’ve had lately has mentioned lucid dreams in different ways.

If you don’t play video games IRL, then perform your RC’s whenever you think, read, hear or talk about them.

Do a RC when you talk about lucid dreaming IRL, of course. :tongue: If you don’t talk about LD’s in waking life, then do the RC’s whenever something related to this happens, even if you think about LD’ing or visit LD4all.

Is there anything else in your dreams that repeat?

i sometimes see this girl in my school in my dreams

Face palm every time that you wake up :ack:
But as far as advice, just rc whenever your dream sign pops up, If you think about LD then do a RC if that’s your dream sign.

Make a autosuggestion saying something like " whenever ______ happens, i am going to RC and realize i am dreaming" use it somewhat like a mantra or with MILD. I so far only have one dreamsign but doing just this i have became lucid this way mmany many times

What about DS that never happens in RL? Like meeting a deceased friend that u dont think so often about, or using guns. Ive never had any interestinguns,so i never talk or think about them, but they appear quite often in my dreams.

You can still use the autosuggestion/mantra like Nicklebrick said.

Well you could try to do a RC everytime you have the feeling of having something to do. Not when you are going to do it but when you feel that you have to. This will allow you to do RC in both real life and in your dreams.

Much love