I've got 5 stars, 500 posts!

As the title says, I’ve managed to get over 500 posts. :happy: Is anybody else about to reach 500 posts?

Me! Any moment now… :tongue:

congrats, another dream diety amongst us :smile:

and after asking directions so many times, did you manage the find the bathroom now? :tongue:

check the user list, sort by post count, and you will see who is close to 500…

This topic isn’t the bathroom :confused:

Congats on Dream Diety

ANyway I’m working my way along to Dream Diety still got like 200 posts to go.

I’ll be there in about another 50 or so posts.

First of all, everyones been saying “Diety” lol, its DEITY! Talk about your disrespect…Jeez.

Second of all… *Gives Honorary Dream DEITY Left Sock. Leans over and whispers to Tech, “I hear that when you get to 1000, they give you the Right Sock!”

I’m pretty close :grin: Can’t wait for ***** … then only a mere 500 posts until I’m at 1000 :smile: Woohoo!

Thanks everybody. I’ve just been swimming. My head feals really bad.

We have a whole new generation of Deities :wink: Congratulations Technodreamer, and good luck for the incoming deities. I think its time for a speech, SPEECH! No bathroom speeches :grin:

Mwa ha ha! ***** for me :grin:

I’m…not close! i’ll be there before long though. You’ll see. Contrats Techno new dream deity person. I’m still trying to get the **** thing.

Congrats, you’re wayyy over 500 by the time I’m posting, but uh… whats the… ***() ??

the stars on the side, above the avatars. **** four stars ***** five stars, Techno’s got ***** (five)

Congratz to charlottedreamer who just got 500! Whoo! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Argh should have figured that out!! DOH!

Oh, uh, congrats again…?

Caongats to charlottedreamer. Infection0, have you posted in the 1000 post thread, since you seem to have a thousand posts.

Whoooooooo this forum is getting better and better… but I miss some of the people that have gone away…
oh yes I realize I have 1000… but it’s not like I have more stars than you! :happy:
but of course my feet are warmer than yours…

:smile: Thank you all :smile:
I love the fact that I have 5 stars… makes me feel like I know what I’m doing, when I really don’t.

What a feeling! :happy: Congratulations Im about 25 posts late, but good for you on the other 500 :wink: When’s the next celebration? :confused: