I've got a WILD problem :)

Well I have a problem with using the WILD method. I have tried to do WILDs many times, but I have not managed to really get into my dreams knowing that this is a dream, or I just forget to remember that this is a dream, and falls asleep without becoming lucid. Here what’s happend to me several times when I have tried WILD, and that I think is what makes me so unhappy, like this: :grrr: , about the WILD method:

Just before I fall asleep, I know it, because then the hypnagogical imagery will run wild, and become more and more real, then (I think it is the second before I fall asleep) some part of my body will jerk a little. It is not any particular part, it could change from time to time. But this is enough to take me out of the almost-dream imagery, make me awake, and make it impossible to make another WILD for this time. I think that I discover the jerking every time I fall asleep, and that it is just that I am aware, that make me awake of this. I have tried WILD many times, and I know (at least I hope) that this is the only barrier before getting into the dream world with high lucidity :grrr: :grrr: . Do any of you have any suggestion on what I should do?

EDIT: You see? Using the word wild in normal way makes it upper-case. Testing: “wild” wilder wild-est
EDIT 2: You see, again? All the wild words in the edit line over are originally in lower-case. Maybe something to fix?

LucidityX1000: you’re not the only one with wild problems. I’ve been trying for something like 14 days and still didn’t make it. Prior to this I was doing DILDs and MILD and stuff. But eventually I got tired of all those RCs and began trying wild.

The farthest I’ve been was when I got some reeeally heavy vibrations. Problem is that at that time I thought “Aha, this is it, vibrations!” …and then lost focus…

Also, when I get up in the morning after sleeping 5-6 hours, I just get too sleepy to concentrate on my task. Perhaps I should stay up longer. Hm. Yes… Haven’t thought about this possibility, now that I think of it… Duh… :eh:
I think I’m making progess, but it is very slow indeed…

LucidityX1000: we’ll keep on trying, eventually we’ll both get there sooner or later. It’s just a question of time. :smile:

I’ve noticed my body jerk like that at times. It seems to happen more if I sleep on a couch than when I sleep on my bed, because my body is all squished up and uncomfy. Try sprawling out more if you can.

Also try tensing all of your muscles really tight before doing WILD. Spend a minute or two tensing and releasing your whole body and face, and get it to burn nicely. Some folks’ll go through every muscle individually, but that takes a really long time.