I've had a break, no success, what now?

OK, as suggested by some of the patrons here, I’ve had a break from trying to LD for a while, but I’ve had no success. Well, unless you call dreaming of a big flashing orange and blue rectangle with “LD” on it, and not thinking a thing of it, success…

I was trying MILD solidly for about a month then Stopped everything for a week or so, no reading, no DD, nothing apart from the odd realith check that I’m pleased I do out of habit now.

So any advice on what I shuold try next?

I doubt I’ll get anything tonight since I was up all last night learning how to use a hex editor to recover my lost movies partition… That’ll be fun to dream about :sad:.

i’d call that success indeed. you have smuggled the idea of an LD into your subconscious. that’s the hard part

anyway, it’s good that you took a break. now i suggest a long deep cleansing breath and pick up some RCs with renewed vigor. brush the dust of your DJ (i actually recommend using a DJ even when on a break) and resume some MILD before you go to sleep. my favorite autosuggestions are:

=> i will wake up after every REM cycle to write down my dream (i used that one to train myself to wake up w/o the aid of an alarm clock)
=> i will remember my dream tonight

also i think WBTB is very helpful for LDing, if you can’t wake up on your own in the middle of the night with the autosuggestion i recommended, then i suggest drinking a glass of water before bed so you wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee (i hate alarm clocks, can you tell ???) but if you have to, use your alarm clock to wake you up after you’ve been sleeping for about 6 hours

then do some more autosuggestion and go back to bed. this should greatly improve your dream recall and increase your chances for lucidity.

keep at it, i’m sure you’ll have success, good luck :yinyang:

Even if you take a break from lucid dreaming- I would steal recommend keeping a DD… You don’t want to break the memory of dreams- and who knows, maybe you did have one but you didn’t remember it.

Just keep the Dream diary but for a few days don’t make
any hard effort to get an LD and it will probably help…

Perhaps you will get an LD tomorrow after this dream with the word ‘LD’.
Your subconscious is getting the message, it seems.

well i dont want to re state anything that anyone has put here, but i think you need a diffrent approach. I personally think that RC are teh best way to go and i would keep at them but here is waht i suggest you do. Stop Mild. start hard and fast, you have taken a week off, now totaly force your mind to nly think of LD. read about them all the time, read your own if you have had any, if not make one up, make sure you put your name in it and how you knew it was a dream, Do a lot of RC spend time totaly focusing on dreams and lucid dreaming.

Take up WILD, WB2B, VILD and anything else that you like. do lucid living. think about one goal that goal is saying “i am dreaming” while you are in the dream. think of nothing else.

now the key thing after all taht is to want it. and want it bad. everytime you do a RC want it, think about what it would be like how good it will be and how you will do this inside your dreams.

But remember, dont want it too much before sleep, you will just keep yourself awake, just keep it in mind but lay off the pashion of the wanting if that makes sence.

Try this for 3 days. then stop. on the forth day rest relax, dont do anything at all to do with dreams, i mean not even a RC. now on the 5th day bring it abck slow. you should b having a lucid dream. if not send me an abusive PM :razz:

I agree with keeping your dream journal and doing lots of RC ‘s as has been suggested above. The only thing I would add is to start to change your thinking about lucid dreaming. Every night when you are about to settle in to bed look at your bed for a moment and tell your self that you are going to sleep now and you will have lucid dreams. Think this with confidence and excitement. In fact if you live alone or, sleep someplace where no one will hear you, say it out loud and really feel the confidence.

Good Luck :smile:

Thanks for the tips! I’ve had a hectic weekend, so only just got to check back, but I’ll start tonight.

It’s a shame I don’t live alone, I quite enjoy talking to myself :razz:

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Happy Dreaming

I was doing the same thing, I only had 3 successful lucid dreams lol they weren’t long at all though…

When your body goes numb and your head is active you will feel it…