I've had it

Yep i said it, I’ve had it. My quest for my SC has pulled me to the end of my wits. I can’t do it anymore, as in he’s a really evil guy/girl/frog/tree/thing whatever form he/she/it wants to take. It all started on a dark and gloomy dream night, yep i was in my dream and decided am gonna start my quest. It all happened when i was in sixth grade and on that night in my dream(a nightmare) i got lucid and set my goal in order to not lose focus. A time traveling shadow thing was trying to get me and as much as i tried to run i couldn’t get away so i decided to call on my SC. Then a funny thing happened, my friend J came out and so i thought it was him. Thinking it was him i told him to get rid of the shadow thing but astonished to see the shadow thing himself he started running and the thing began to chase him. I looked around frantically and then called upon my SC once more and then a man in a dark cloak appeared and this time i was sure it was him because i just felt it. Again another bewilderment encased me he didn’t try to help me or my friend and that got me angry. He said something about letting J die and in pure rage i ended the dream. On the next occasion it was again a dark night and i decide to call on him again but i was disappointed when nothing but a pink butterfly came twirling around me and in frustration i gave up and continued my dream session. Other times i tried and failed and now I’ve had it with him/her/it/ whatever. Before i start an all out war with my SC (and i will) could someone help me with this problem plz.

Before you go to war with your subconscious, and in essence yourself, you need to realize that it is a part of you, and you it. My theory is that while you are calling for assistance from your subconscious, it is trying to push you into taking an action you don’t want to take: confronting your fears. You are seeming to want “someone else” to fight this battle or face whatever it is that frightens you, when in essence you are just calling on another aspect of yourself that actually CAUSED this uncomfortable/unwanted situation. My advice: instead of asking for help from your subconscious, ask it for a means for you to help yourself.

I apologise if I sound insensitve or offensive, I’m just giving my view on this situation and am just trying to help.

No worries it doesn’t seem that way to me. Its not that i only call upon it in times when am scared but i also tried to call upon it for guidance and knowledge but proved fruitless.

now i am not saying i am right but this is my thought on trying for advice in times of non-peril is perhaps like you calling on it (it being you) when you are uncertain of a solution or guidance yourself and so it is also unaware i am afraid i have never had quite an expierince like this so idk for sur these are just my thought

Thoughts are good it shows you have a mind, keep it up :smile:

lol well thank you knight i am just trying to help out and put in my two cents

You could also put in four.

Don’t imagine your subconscious to be a “thing” you can simply interact with. I think a good analogy is this: a mushroom in the forest is just the visible “fruit” of a vast network of interconnected root-like threads that run through the soil in the forest. At times, that network pushes up mushrooms to reproduce. The dream figures you saw in your first dream are all representatives of your subconscious, yeah, even the pink butterfly. You’re swimming in your subconscious every time you dream. My advice is to let go a little bit and just keep asking yourself to come back to a state of curiosity. The urge toward confrontation, quick answers, and “war” is something you could let yourself be curious about in itself.

Who’s the boss, Knightdreamer ? You or… ‘your SC’ ? Next time start a fight involving all your powers and suppress your SC. Then demand what’s right for you. Don’t let it just play around with you.

Furthermore you’re not limited in this fight in LDs. Call upon your imagination and continue the fight IRL through your power of thinking - daydreaming. Lie in your bed, relax and imagine yourself that dark scenery you got each time you wanted to summon your SC. Get him to come and then… he’s all yours.

I’m not really telling you to start this fight, but if that DC isn’t rational then it should better get. :wink:

Declaring a war against subconscious is no different than declaring a war against yourself. Subconscious is a part of you, it’s like your reflection in the mirror.
You need to be allies instead of enemies.

You may be right, but sometimes (I actually mean all the times) you have to impose a certain amount of respect and fear to your… subordinate so that they listen - just like in the army :wink:.

Talking about the SC, honestly said and IMHO, the SC is being highly overestimated here… What you people meet there in your dreams are DCs. Saying that you meet your subconscious is like saying you’ll meet your stomach. Doesn’t make any sense to me. Plus it seems to me that the SC doesn’t really exist, or has a totally different function from the one that people talk about. So, you don’t declare war against yourself, but against a DC. Plus, how could you hurt yourself if you would (in this matter) ? [color=red][size=75]Don’t argue on this !![/size][/color]

From my perspective its inaccurate to assign a personality and ego to your subconscious. It’s anthropomorphising something which is incapable of being human, which is common among people. We do it with cars and other inanimate objects. It’s natural, but it doesn’t exactly help. It adds a layer of abstraction between you and your subconscious. We don’t need to win some battle or overpower some will our subconscious has, it never had any. The reason we can’t just do anything we want as far as I’m concerned is that we don’t fully understand the nature of our own minds. Or have awareness of the assumptions and convictions we are making every second of every day.

Our subconscious isn’t malicious, it’s just a pattern matching mechanism. Its the logical and rational thought that we carry out. It’s just often the convictions and decisions we reach are done so quickly and with so little awareness on our part that we don’t acknowledge them as our own. The almost sick thing is, it is you who decides that you are unable to fly or transform or whatever in your dream, not your subconscious. You might want to fly, but that is a far cry from believing you can fly. Rationalising that you are in a dream and should be able to do anything is nice, but unless you embody that thought, throughout your psyche, you can still block yourself. Expectations create with dreams, what you expect to happen, will happen, whether you want it to or not. In that light I firmly believe you aren’t battling some entity that wants to outsmart you, you’re grappling with your own doubts.

This is what I have observed and established. As somebody who was incapable of flying in their early LDs but became able to after consideration.

I agree GreenDragon. The SC isn’t anything else but a storage of information which we use almost unconsciously. It’s not someone else, some other person who you have to confront or be friends with in order to be able to do what you want.

The myth remains: Why aren’t we able to do what we want to do when we know that if we know that it will happen it will 100% sure happen ? Perhaps it wouldn’t, but only because of our doubts… :meh:

There’s no use for unnecessary big words my friend, we are all equals here.

Good analogy.

Don’t fully understand that part, please elaborate.

Like your twisted thoughts.

Why haven’t you turned around and asked the shadow what it represents? Why would you run? It’s a dream, and if you are fully (or even semi) lucid you would know that. In one of my LDd a huge vicious black dog-looking creature grabbed my forearm with it’s teeth, and I controlled my fear and turned to face it. In my eyes love conquers all, and I decided to touch it. Its skin was the softest thing I have ever felt in my life, similar to the texture of a mantaray under water. I was amazed at its softness, amd told it so. At that point it let go and it let me sit on its back and fly away with it. What started out as a huge fearful creature ended up as a very small tired and worn out small creature at the end of my lucid dream, and also something I gave a name and called my friend (Anook). Now I don’t know what it is I conquered that night, but I do know that something in me changed, and that my life subtly changed. I highly recommend that you do the same, you will not regret it. Wishing you all the strength possible.
Here is a little Bene Gesserit chant for you :pharaoh:

[center]I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.[/center]

Not to draw things too far off-topic, but somebodies use of a higher register of language, isn’t indicating anything about their attitude. I find it simpler and more fluid to write using words that are as accurate as possible. If somebody finds something I have said to be complicated I’ll gladly rephrase what I have said without judging them.

It’s a mistake on your part to assume the use of long words indicates a stuck-up or higher-than-thou attitude. Exactly the same as it is to assume the use of course language or low-register language indicates the person is unintelligent or has nothing of value to add to the conversation. Let’s assume good faith here that all those involved in the conversation consider each other equals and avoid applying stereotypes either way.

I said nothing about your attitude my friend. You can’t expect everyone to know the meaning of every word in your vocabulary so you could’ve simply said it in a less complicated term that’s all. Never really meant for it to be offensive or anything, it was just a pointer.

Back then i was afraid of many things both IRL and LD so i really couldn’t help it back then.

Will do.