I've hit a dreamblock

Lately I’m stuck. I was on a roll for awhile there, having about 3 lucid dreams a week, really acheiving my dreamgoals, etc.

But the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been trying even harder, I’ve been reading a lot of this forum and trying some of the stuff and just not having any luck at all. For instance…

I’ve tried 2 different sleep pills, Sleep Naturally and Sleep 'n Restore. After using them 5-10 times each, I’ve decided that if they have any effect at all on my dreams it’s a negative one. Basically, what these seem to do is put me in a deeper sleep. That means that if I get my full 8 hours or more, I feel rested. But I ought to feel rested even without the pills, no? And if I get less than 8 hours, I feel exhausted all day, I think because the pills made me even sleepier. And as far as dreams, my dreams don’t seem any different while taking the pills. If anything, I have less dream recall.

Another thing I’ve experimented with is audio tracks, both the Brainwave Generator files, and relaxing/hypnotic lucid dream tracks (a few different ones.) None of these have had any effect other than the fact that they tend to keep me awake. ANd once I do fall asleep, I almost always have NO dream recall. I’ve tried putting them on repeat and wearing headphones so that I hear it all night. The night I tried that, I literally got 2 hours of sleep or less, and that was because I finally gave up and went back to my normal music playlist. So no type of audio track other than my music playlists seem to be working.

Aside from that, even when I just try my normal routine of going to bed earlyish, setting a dream goal, and waking up 2 or 3 times in the night (2 alarms) to write down my dreams…even that is having less than stellar results. I haven’t acheived any dream goals or had any lucid dreams in a few weeks.

So the point of me posting this thread, more than anything, is to try a little reverse psychology and hope to actually HAVE a lucid dream and/or achieve my dream goal tonight! Wish me luck!

You may be trying too hard, according to this: ld4all.com/#frames(content=how_mild.shtml

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